Is this all there is?

You are over 40, from the outside your life seems perfect

and yet, at this moment,

you are looking for ways to get more grip on your life,

on your happiness and on your mental and emotional balance.

And you wonder: Is this all there is?

We can assure you: No, it’s not…

If you have the courage

to shift your shit on a deeper level,

you can shine like you’ve never done before

Here you are...

You have had a good life so far, a family, enough money and a job. You have had your successes and your achievements and at the same time life has not always been kind to you. You have had your disappointments and you have been hurt. At times you’d even lost your sparkle and your hope. But along the way you have learned there is always a new tomorrow, a new day. Because you found out that you are far more resilient and you are stronger than you knew you were. What once satisfied you, doesn’t do it anymore for you. You feel that you are not living your full potential. You are hoping for the big change.

We know this moment so well. From our own experience and from the experience of our clients. In the midst of your life (40-50 years) you ask yourself: Is this all there is? 

Is this all there is?

It’s a typical question for everyone in this age group. Till now you had an okay life, but the idea that you have to live your life this way till you die is a depressing thought. Imagine that you are lying on your deathbed and you have to admit that you didn’t do what you wanted to do, that you didn’t live your full potential (deep down you know it’s true). Imagine how that will be!

‘Is this all there is’, is not only a typical question for this age group, it is also a very normal question. It’s a normal question because you’ve lived the first half of your life. In this first half you became an adult, you founded a family and you built a career. Around your 40-50th you assess your life, what have you achieved and is there more to achieve. What about the second half of your life? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? What else is possible? 

3 Strong Life Questions

And not only do these 3 strong life questions ‘What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? What else is possible?’ arise. You are also bothered by recurring negative thoughts and feelings of self doubt that don’t seem to go away but are becoming more dominant instead.

The combination of ‘Is this all there is’ and the feeling of being stuck in your daily routine and your negative thoughts and feelings can even cause an emotional crisis. And this is where your seemingly endless search once started. You tried different lifestyles, online and offline programs, therapies, personal coaches, yoga, meditation, reiki and maybe more. But at the end of the day you still haven't found what you are looking for. You have not found YOU.

Remember that first moment?

The moment you started your search for ways to get more grip on your life, on your happiness and on your mental and emotional balance. That was a big and important moment.

And this moment, where you are now standing in life, is another huge and defining moment! Here and now you still haven’t found the real YOU. Your search has almost come to a dead end. They have promised you the land of shining dreams, they have promised you a hundred quick fixes. And for a short moment it all worked well. But never for long. And this frustrates you more than you like to admit. It’s so discouraging. Is this all there is? 

It's a crossroad

Actually, where you are is not a dead end, it is a crossroad.

And with this crossroad comes a choice: Am I going to give up and surrender or am I going to go one important step further? Am I going to stop looking for change at the outside and am I going to make that decision to go inside and dig deeper? ‘But I have been looking inside’, is what you might want to answer.

To be honest, you would not be where you are now if you had really gone inside deep enough. 

  1. So, do you choose to give up and surrender because you haven’t been successful in your search until now? Don’t you believe you can truly and successfully turn your life around? If you don't , we aren’t the right match for you.
  • But if you choose to dig one step deeper and go one step further, it is important you keep reading.

We have been here too

We have been where you are now, we have been here too. We did the same you did. We have done all the endless soul searching and the endless trying new methods and new teachings. And we know now from our search and experience that a quick fix doesn’t work.

We know that this existential question ‘Is this all there is’ needs a fundamental process. A process where you not only learn how to heal yourself but also learn how to leave lifelong emotional issues behind and how to find yourself and connect with YOU on a daily basis. 

No quick fix or easy solutions here, but a lifetime of Inner Freedom

Who are we?

Who are we and how do we work with people on these issues?

We are Briant Donker Curtius (1958) & Jaldhara Groeneveld (1960), we are both Inner-Freedom-Coach, working & living together for the last 23 years. While working with people professionally since our early twenties, we have always continued to study emotional and psychological behaviour of humans, both in practice and in theory. This results in many methods and skills we have incorporated in the way we work today.

At present we do Online Healing Intensives with groups and coach individuals in private VIP sessions. Offline we work with groups at events and retreats.

Everything in our private life and in our working life, revolves around healing and clearing processes. We love it and we are good at it. We believe and know that healing starts with facing your pain. We believe and know that inner change is a result of healed pain. We believe and know that healing your pain results in Inner Freedom.

And this is why we don’t believe in offering you a quick fix and easy solutions or being superficially nice, while working with you. If we have to be unpleasantly honest in order to get your undivided commitment to heal yourself, we will do so. We will always be real with you and loyal to you healing yourself. 

Is it hard to face your pain?

Yes and no. Of course it hurts in the beginning, but if you get more used to it and you get more tools to face your pain, you will feel more and more at ease with it. Eventually it will even become a necessity for you to heal your pain; because you have experienced that this is the way to change your life and to gain Inner Freedom. And Inner Freedom always tastes like more!

How did this process work out in our own life?

We are Dutch Originals travelling the world as Freedom Entrepreneurs since 2014. The way we live, work and travel is a direct reflection of our own spiritual journey as advocates of Inner Freedom.

Like we mentioned before, we have been there. We have been fighting with this existential question, ‘Is this all there is’, in our own lives. The fact that we were professionally coaching private individuals and coaching individuals & teams in corporate environments has made no real difference. We had to go through this process ourselves just like anybody else choosing to do so. Our professional practice, however, has helped us a great deal, to go through it more focused and therefor faster. But, just like you and everybody else, we had to show up and do the inner work.

What we really appreciate in hindsight is that we were able to analyze the process we went through. And this has brought us profound insights and knowledge we have identified as the Shit-Shift-Shine process. The process of Shifting your Shit so you can Shine. Because that is all there is to it. When we shifted our shit, we could shine again like never before. And this is what you can do too if you really learn how to shift exactly that shit that keeps you from shining.

And this is a secret we love to share with you

We want you to know how to make that shift too, so you can finally shine like you always knew you could. And that is why we have developed the ‘5 steps to Shine method’. Apart from it being based on our professional experience, this method is also inspired by profound and personal spiritual messages we started to channel in early 2017. These healing channelings invite you to Grow, to Heal and to Learn. They invite you to become the best version of YOU. No matter what your spiritual background may be or your faith - we have clients from all different cultures and religions - every time we see miracles happen in the lives of the people who consult us.

If you want to know all about the ‘5 steps to Shine method’ you are very welcome. Just join us in the coming webinar. In this webinar we will tell you everything you need to know about how to go from living a life where you feel stuck to a live where you are truly happy and fulfilled. 

If you want to know all about this method you are very welcome

Just join us in the coming webinar. In this webinar we tell you everything you need to know about how to go from living a life where you feel stuck to a life where 

you are truly happy and fulfilled.

Are you willing to give it a go?

We are looking forward to help you to reach Inner Freedom!