Awaken your RADICAL Self-Love & Master your Spiritual Foundation

Whisper Wave 


In this Community you'll find Guidance, Healing and Inspiration on your Spiritual Growth Path. Everything we do here is aimed at supporting you on your journey to connect with who you truly are in Essence: A Spiritual being having a Human experience

In the WHISPER WAVE Community you'll learn:

  • How to embrace RADICAL SELF-LOVE
  • How to master your SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION
  • How to design and live a fulfilling SPIRITUAL LIFE

The WAVE effect

We are really excited about the WAVE effect this community is having on its members and on us. And we know it will have that same effect on you too. 

Our creative power is being inspired BIG time. If you look at the Callender below you can see so many great ideas lined up for WHISPER WAVE in the months to come. 

So be prepared, it's going to be awesome and you are definitely going to enjoy being part of this inspiring WAVE of Celebrating your ESSENCE and your RADIANCE.

Why is it a good idea to join this community?
  • Tap into an endless fountain of knowledge and insights
  • Receive down to earth guidance on your Spiritual growth path
  • Be together with likeminded people
  • Grow and discover together
  • Celebrate together
  • Tap into the Universal frequency of Love

Transformative Results

from our community members

I feel more grounded and connected

Since I listen to the WINGS I feel more and I can stay more grounded and more connected with Self & Source, and I finally dare to go through fears more, so I can let go now much more because I feel and trust that it’s safe.


  • I felt so much love inside

    Wow I felt so much love inside when I told source that I was ready to connect. It was almost overwhelming and it almost made me want to flee. Instead I chose to be here and totally feel it, thanks for telling us not to go flying. Thank you, it felt very special and I can still feel it.


  • This is a total reset

    To me this is like a total reset, many insights I knew already, conceptual with my mind, but now I can also feel them.  


  • My heart is more open

    With each channeling I feel my body and soul are smiling more. I am more grounded and my heart is more open. I’ve reached a layer within me where I am able to surrender and rest more. I have so much more love for everything around me.


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    WHISPER WAVE Calender 2018 - 2019

    At the moment we do a 3 piece master-class-series on ‘Inner Child Healing’. Many of the channelings of the ’50 Shades of Shining’ we did here, talk about Inner Child Healing. After the series people asked us to share our lifelong experience with this strong healing technique. We absolutely love to honor that request. 

    When we finish 'Healing Your Child Within' we go on and on. If you keep scrolling you can find our calender for 2018 and the beginning of 2019 below☟or here on the right ☞ 

    Although the value of the content and the support we offer is priceless, for members of the WHISPER WAVE Community it is totally FREE.

    You can follow every program LIVE from your living room. And if you have to pass on the live broadcast you can watch it in the REPLAY. We set up every masterclass in a way that everybody is included in the vibrational field, whether you're watching it live or in the replay.

    And there is more!

    🙏  Once every 2 weeks you are welcome to join our online Q&A Call.
    In these Q&A Calls we will answer all your questions about your Spiritual Growth Path.

    🙏  In our daily alignment with our Spiritual Helpers we receive guidance and inspiration to provide you with challenging material to support you, as a member of this community, on your Spiritual Growth Path.

    And also available for you...

    💗 50 Shades of Shining | Online Intensive 2018

    In the late spring/early summer of 2018 we channeled 50 healing channelings on the ‘50 Shades of Shining’. These channelings are available permanently for WHISPER WAVE Members, for FREE. (The VALUE of this Online Intensive is €1.250)

    💗 50 Wingsof Shining | Online Intensive 2018

    In the summer of 2018 we did 50 Master classes with 50 transformative channelings on the ‘50 Wings of Shining’. These channelings are available permanently for WHISPER WAVE Members, for FREE. (The VALUE of this Online Intensive is €2.500)

    Become a member TODAY & Transform Your Life Forever

    Your WHISPER WAVE Community Hosts

    We are Briant&Jaldhara. We channel and teach knowledge that aligns you with Self & Source and awakens you to the Inner Calling of your Essence.

    We combine our psychotherapeutic skills and methods with the Transformative Healing Channellings, called the WHISPERS, to enrich your life with deep and lasting change. We work & live together for the last 23 years.

    Online we do Master Classes, Healing programs and Coach you in our WHISPER WAVE community. Offline we work with you at intimate retreats.

    Being Dutch originally, we now travel the world as Digital Nomads since 2014.
    The way we live, work and travel is a direct reflection of our own spiritual journey as advocates of Inner Freedom.

    This is the Vision that we wake up to every day:

    We are strong transformative channels and with our ever-growing transformative capacity we emancipate millions of human beings by helping them to ignite their RADICAL SELF-LOVE every day more.

    This community is all about your spiritual inner journey of healing and nurturing.
    Are you ready for the next level off your inner journey?
    All you have to do is jump now.
    It will be a wonderful journey!

    Yes I become a member today 💗



    € 133 

    I pay in 2 easy installments of € 133 each

    WHISPER WAVE Community ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



    € 245

    I pay in full today 

    WHISPER WAVE Community ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    FAQ - WHISPER WAVE Communty

    When do I get access to the content after I have enrolled myself?

    You get immediate access. You will receive an email with a link to the community after registration. Didn’t receive this email? Look in your spam folder. No mail there either? Mailto briantandjaldhara@gmail.com

    Can I be a member together with my partner or my friend?

    No. It’s GREAT that you grow and learn together, but if you want to follow the content with someone else, then you both have to become a member.

    Is this a good investment?

    100% sure! Our customers tell us again and again that they come back because they don’t get that much value anywhere else for this small price. Of course you have to show up and take the knowledge in, implement it and ask questions during the Q&A’s and Master classes. But if you do just that, this community will give you an incredible ROI (return on investment)!

    Do I need to do every program you offer?

    No, that’s entirely up to you. You choose every single moment if you want to join the specific program on the calendar. We believe in the power of saying YES or NO to what we offer. You choose, again and again.

    I feel attracted to what you offer but how do I really know if this community is for me?

    We have learned: if our feeling says that something is good, then it is OK.
    This community is super valuable for you if:
    - you want to connect to and to master your Spiritual Foundation
    - you want to design your Spiritual Life and live a fulfilling life.
    - you want to heal the blockages from the past.
    - you want to make a quantum leap on your Spiritual Growth Path
    - you don’t know how to make this quantum leap
    If this matters to you, don’t hesitate any longer and allow yourself a happy, fulfilled life. Register now.

    How do I know if what you offer is right for me?

    You feel it. You know deep down if it is right for you, whether this will help you on your Spiritual Growth Path. Maybe it is out of your comfort zone but you do feel deep down whether this community, with everything we offer you, will help you to live your essence and be radiant.

    Can I pay in 2 installments?

    Yes you can pay in 2 easy installments of € 235 each (administration costs are included in these payments).

    It’s not the right time now. Can I join later?

    Yes you can, but we can’t guarantee you that the current price will stay the same.

    Briant & Jaldhara, can I work 1-on-1 with you?

    At the moment we have exactly 1 spot left for a new VIP client. This spot could be for you, if you already have experience on your Personal and Spiritual Growth Path and you’re looking for high level coaching to reach your NEXT LEVEL. To be honest, this is not for everybody; your investment in terms of money and commitment is considerable. But if you feel and know that this is for you, please convince us, send an email to: briantandjaldhara@gmail.com