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Sex is a big thing

Today I would like to talk to you about sex
For many, sex is a pleasurable thing
It is nice
It is exciting
It is lustful
It is an exchange and it’s an exercise
There is physicality
There is emotion
There is bodily sensations
There is lust and attraction

Sex is a big thing for you humans
You love it
And you do it all the time
And yet very few of you know this
What I would like to tell you today about sex
The minute you connect with somebody
On the level of intercourse
On the penetration level
You do not only have a bodily communion
A bodily getting together
Also on an energy level
And on a spiritual level
You are connecting

And the funny thing with sex is that
You could view it as comparative vessels
Now if you are the one that is bringing an empty vessel
And the other one is bringing a vessel that is filled
These vessels, the moment you have sex
Want to be equal
So your vessel will be filled by the other one
This is all on an energy level
But what does the other one fill your vessel with?

It can actually be karmic stuff
It can be ancestral stuff
On the karmic side it can be quite heavy
So you bring your body to the table
And your lust
And your joy
And your sexuality
And what you get in return
Can be a very very bad deal
Because it can be as if the other one
Is almost polluting you
With stuff, with energetic stuff that is not yours

And then you after having had this relationship
Or this intercourse
This encounter
You are left with a spiritual hangover
It was okay
It was nice for the night
You had a few drinks
The other one was charming
But the next morning you wake up to reality
And it is okay
Let’s move on

And many of you do this quite often
You exchange bodily fluids
And you exchange joy
And you share your sexuality freely
But that is on one level

On another level you are
Well, the best way to put it is
You are polluting yourself
And maybe polluting is a big word
Which will scare many of you
It is maybe more
You will burden yourself
Because you will take on an energy level
You will accumulate stuff
Emotional stuff
Emotional baggage
From the other person
That does not belong to you
So it will wear you down
It will make you more heavy
More tired
More…well you have to work a lot
To get rid of all that stuff
The other one put into you
Put into your system
So you might want to be careful
Who you are sleeping with

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having pleasure
We salute you for having pleasure
Having joy
Having fun
All we are saying is
It is not without consequences
And you sometimes see this
That a beautiful good woman
Or a beautiful innocent man
Sleep with somebody more experienced
And somehow it is the beginning of their downfall
You’ll see them being sucked into the other one
And you see their light diminished

And, of course, this might be
Because the other one
Has an emotional grip
On the beautiful girl
Or the beautiful boy
But also, it is the stuff
The emotional
The energy
The spiritual
The karmic stuff
That the other one is laying
Upon the innocent one
And in order to shake that off
And to lose that
And to clean that
On top of your own ancestral karmic stuff
It’s a lot of work

So all we are saying here today is
We would like you to know that this is true
So that you are informed
And that you can make a choice
For these things are not taught
When your teachers tells you about sex
They tell you about the risk
They tell you about venereal diseases
They talk to you about how it works
The mechanics of it
But they never talk about the exchange of energy
The exchange of karmic debris
The exchange of ancestral burden

And that is something that we tell you today
You might have heard this before
It sounds quite heavy
We are aware that we are spoiling all the fun

All we are saying is
Sex is a sacred thing
It’s a union between a man and a woman
Or a man and a man
Or a woman and a woman
It’s a union
And out of that can come a child
That counts for the man and the woman unity
And this is actually a very sacred
And a very holy deed
It is not to be taken lightly

And yet in modern, today’s society
We do take sex lightly
It has become a fun factor
A recreational factor
But truly it is not
It is more than that
If you view it from a tantric perspective
It’s a gateway to heaven
It’s a gateway to your own inner essence
But very very few people know this
And work with this energy
And use this energy

Sex is not to be taken for granted
You can
But you will suffer the consequences
In terms of
Spiritual and emotional and personal development
You have to do more work
You have to work harder
And it takes longer
You have to clean more
You have to work hard

So how to solve this
This is up to you
We do not say don’t have sex
You have to do what you have to do
But we want you to be aware of the consequences
So choose wisely
And choose well
And choose a mate that is
Light and clean and evolved
And has done the work himself
Or herself
So don’t go for the easy target
Choose somebody that is competitive
This already makes a big difference

This was our message for today
Thank you

Copyright © 2017 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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