Self-Love needs your Inner Leadership
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Self-Love needs your Inner Leadership

Early March 2019 we did a free 11-day Self-Love Experience.  At the end of the Experience, we shared 6 new Self-Love Secrets with the participants.

6 Self-Love Secrets

  1. Self-Love loves to be connected to a Big Why / Life Purpose
  2. Self-Love is a crystal clear choice for Self
  3. Self-Love needs inner leadership
  4. Self-Love is a neutral goal that feels good at the same time
  5. Self-Love is a vibration
  6. Self-Love is an inner journey


Today we love to share Self-Love Secret #3 with you: Self-Love needs your Inner leadership.

Self-Love always needs you to make an effort. That is where it all starts. Self-Love needs you to decide to act and you need to command your Inner Leadership to do that.

Inner Journey

When we started this Inner Journey, discovering and growing our Self-Love, we at first acted counter intuitive 9 out of 10 times. We often went against what we were used to, what we knew or what we liked.

But the more we started to Love ourselves the more we begun to see that the moment we are not Loving ourselves is when we are stuck in our child position. We are stuck in old emotions and old cell memories. And the only way to get our selves unstuck is to bring our selves to our adult position. To do that takes Inner Leadership.

We need to take ourselves by the hand; we need to take our Inner Child by the hand as an adult. At first that wasn’t easy, in fact that was the hardest part, but as we progressed on our Inner Journey we got better at it.

Now we deliberately step out of our own drama, our negative self-talk and our bullshit and we inspire and challenge one another by not accepting drama and bullshit from each other.

Inner Leadership

We found out that saying words like ‘I CHOOSE’ and ‘I AM’ act as commands to evoke our Inner Leadership.

  • Can you imagine how it will be for you when you step out of your drama and your child position?
  • Can you imagine how it will be for you when you step into your own adult position and in your Inner Leadership?

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About the author
We are Briant [1958] & Jaldhara [1960] both Dutch. We help you to reconnect with your Self-Love, your Self-Healing ability, and your Autonomy. We are the authors of the e-book ‘How to Live The Life You Love’ and we are the creators of the 'Self-Love DNA' and 'Accelerate your Self-Love', the groundbreaking program that will deeply and permanently transform your level of inner safety and Self-Love.
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