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The Story behind…

The Story behind…

What’s the story behind the Self-Love DNA? We answer this question in the video.

Transcription of the video ↓

We designed our first DNA in 2009, we called it ‘OUR DNA in progress’.
We created this DNA to make my teenage son feel at home when he would be with us.

We didn’t want to discipline him with rules but instead invite him to think for himself
and give him a tool to enable him to communicate effectively.

But first let’s introduce ourselves:
My name is Briant
My name is Jaldhara
We live to touch, move and inspire YOU to increase your Self-Love, your Self-Healing ability and your Autonomy every day.
We create online and offline programs about Self-Love.
We are the creators of the ‘Self-Love DNA’.
We write about Self-Love and we coach you to ‘Accelerate your Self-Love’.

That first DNA worked amazingly well, we never had any arguments.
Whenever something didn’t work out we used the DNA to sort out our differences.

With these positive experiences of our first DNA in mind we received a creative download just after Christmas 2018.
Around that time we wanted to create a practical tool to give you the opportunity to daily work with the 7 steps to radical Self-Love we describe in our e-book ‘How to Live the Life you Love’.

This is when the Self-Love DNA was born. The Self-Love DNA is a set of 9 powerful mantra’s.
To create Self-Love on a deeper, subconscious level we combine these mantra’s with Meridian tapping or Emotional freedom Technique [eft].

In our free online Self-Love course we teach you how to work with this Self-Love DNA using EFT.

In the next video we share the benefits you will get from tapping on the Self-Love DNA.

Do you want to learn how to work with the Self-Love DNA?
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