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Self-Love-Mantra 8

Self-Love-Mantra 8

I am allowed to learn, to fail and to start anew each day

Mantra #8 in the Self-Love DNA is all about allowing yourself to learn, to fail and to start anew each day. 
In this article we give you:

  • background information about Mantra #8 (video and transcription)
  • specific actions you can do with this Mantra #8

Transcription of the video ↓

In today’s video, How to increase your Self-Love, we talk about allowing yourself to learn, to fail and to start anew each day.

‘I am allowed to learn, to fail and to start anew each day’ is the 8th mantra of our Self-Love DNA. This DNA is a Self-Help tool we created to enable you to daily increase your Self-Love on a deeper level.

The 8th mantra of the Self-Love DNA, is the oil in your engine, it keeps you going when you feel like giving up. For most people committing to something equals perseverance, hard work and being responsible. Most people are way too hard on themselves that way. We are not used to allow ourselves to stop, to make mistakes and to fail and to not beat ourselves up about it.

This mantra shows you that you are allowed to make mistakes and learn from it. There is a huge learning aspect in allowing yourself to fail in the moment and to instantly reset yourself and to start anew again. And to not feel guilty or ashamed about you failing.

This mantra also shows you the possibility that you can start with a clean slate every minute. What ever you are feeling or experiencing right now doesn’t have to last all day or doesn’t have to influence you all day. You don’t have to feel bad about it all day, you can shake it off and start again, here and now.

We tap on this 8th mantra in our Self-Love DNA with meridian tapping or emotional freedom technique [eft].  To daily tap on this mantra, initiates self-esteem.

After a while you will notice that you start to make the transition from ‘I am not ok because I fail’ to ‘I am ok because I am learning’.  

This is when you will start to see, to hear and to acknowledge yourself more, and this is a huge boost to your Self-Love and to living the life you love.

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To be in action with Mantra #8

Write down in your journal after the tapping, what you’ve experienced.

  • What insights did you get?
  • What feelings were present, what images came up?
  • What specific action do you want to do or need to do today?
  • What do you may let go because it doesn’t serve you anymore?

& Ask yourself

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