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The benefits…

The benefits…

What are the benefits of tapping on the Self-Love DNA? We answer this question in the video.

Transcription of the video ↓

We combined the Self-Love DNA with EFT which is short for Emotional Freedom Technique.
We did this to give you a very easy to use self-help and self-healing tool, all in one.

By daily tapping on this Self-Love DNA with EFT, you actively make new neurological pathways in your brain.
That’s why we say, when you daily use the Self-Love DNA with EFT you increase your Self-Love on a deeper, subconscious level.

After working with the Self-Love DNA for a while you will notice that you are changing from the inside out.

You will notice that you start to make the following transitions:

  1. You will go from inner un-safety ➜ inner safety
  2. You will go from denial ➜ action
  3. You will go from feeling Inner Limitation ➜ feeling Inner Freedom
  4. You will go from feeling dependent ➜ being your own inner leader
  5. You will go from I don’t matter ➜ I DO matter
  6. You will go from shutting up ➜ being a stand for yourself
  7. You will go from living by default ➜ living by design
  8. You will go from ‘I am not okay because I’m failing’ ➜ ‘I am okay because I’m learning’
  9. You will go from blaming life ➜ embracing life

Do you want to learn how to work with the Self-Love DNA?
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