What if you would take of your mask?
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11 December 2018 

What if you would take of your mask?

When I look at this picture I can feel myself wearing the helmet, the sunglasses and the face-mask. All three feel very unnatural to me. I don’t like wearing a helmet, I stopped wearing sunglasses years ago and wearing a face-mask is an Asian thing. 
And besides, wearing a face-mask is unpleasant too because it’s hot as hell. But to my surprise I must admit, aside from the fact that it is absolutely necessary when driving a longer distance here on Bali, it not only protects me from traffic pollution, it also gives me a false sense of safety, superiority and anonymity.

Feeling safe

I never thought it would but it does. ‘The feeling safe part’ is obvious, the one time I made a one-hour trip by motorbike without sunglasses and a face-mask, my eyes got inflamed by air pollution and my throat hurted for hours. ‘The feeling superior part’ is debatable, I feel a bit like a thug, ready to rob a bank, it gives me a false sense of being untouchable, it makes me drive faster and it makes me take more ‘calculated’ risks. And ‘the anonymity part’ is the best one, being anonymous feels really comfortable.

I always imagine that’s how it must feel wearing a hijab or a burka, it feels very intimate, taking part in life outside of my world and at the same time completely being shielded off from that same outside world. Nobody knows me and nobody recognises me sort of feeling.
And although these 3 feelings, safety, superiority and anonymity are real they are not at all real at the same time. Why? Because I am wearing a shield and as soon as I take away the shield I am exposed and vulnerable.

Real life

That’s where the huge comparison with real life can be made. And I will be making it in this blog post. Most of us humans go through life with a mask. We not only shield ourselves from others but we also shield ourselves from our own real feelings. We pretend to be ‘This’ but in reality we are ‘That’. It’s only human, that’s what we do, we pretend and we shield. That’s the way we grow up and that’s the way we are programmed.

Take of your mask

In our free e-book ‘Stop Surviving Start Living’ we tell you exactly how to step away from that program, that vicious pattern of (self) denial. But why on earth would you want to get rid of the mask in the first place? You might think; ‘you’ve just said it yourself a while back, it’s comfortable to wear a mask’. So why take it off? Why would I want to make myself vulnerable and even helpless?

Well to just rip away that pretence and to rip away that mask like you would when waxing your armpits is indeed very painful. It will leave you very vulnerable, helpless and unprotected. So that’s certainly not the way to do it!

When you are at a point where you want to get more real with yourself and your life. When you are at a point where you are prepared to let your mask down and show your true colors to others and to yourself, you need to have a plan. Without a plan, without a strategy you are either going to fail or you will be having a much harder time.

But why would I want to take of my mask? The answer to that question is simple. If you do you will become much happier, you will become real instead of fake, you will become much more relaxed, you will become more confident, you will have more self-respect and you will love yourself and your life more. To name a few benefits. 
You will be a much more pleasant person to be with, pleasant for yourself and pleasant for others.

In our free e-book we introduce you to a strategy, to a 7-step method to let your mask down and to find yourself and love yourself more. Download it here.Stop Surviving Start Living

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We are Briant [1958] & Jaldhara [1960] both Dutch. We help you to reconnect with your Self-Love, your Self-Healing ability, and your Autonomy. We are the authors of the e-book ‘How to Live The Life You Love’ and we are the creators of the 'Self-Love DNA' and 'Accelerate your Self-Love', the groundbreaking program that will deeply and permanently transform your level of inner safety and Self-Love.
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