Live Channelings


with Briant & Jaldhara 

Join us in Canggu | Bali

Hi, we've been travelling the world for the last 4 years as Digital Nomads. And while travelling we are doing live Channelings when we stay somewhere longer. The channelings that we receive are all about Radical Self-Love. 

Right now we are in Bali and coming Sunday we wil be in Alkaline / Serenity in Canggu at 4pm. The location is at Serenity 2 Satya Shala Hall, situated 500m up the road from Alkaline, on the same side - see the map on this page.

Live Channeling

* Make sure to arrive on Time, the venue will be closed once we've started 

We channel on Radical Self-Love

  • The undercurrent of each channeling is from the perspective of you Loving Yourself more. In the channeling it's explained how to do that.
  • In each channeling a random sub-theme will be adressed. E.g. Sex, Relationships, Family, Love, Life purpose, Money, Health, Work etc.
  • We receive these channelings on the spot, we never know what information will come through.
  • The channelings we receive have a transformative and healing effect on most participants.

When you are new to this you might wonder what channeling is and what to expect?

Channeling is the highest form of communication with the divine. It's the ability to receive direct, unfiltered messages from non-physical light beings such as archangels, ascended masters or spirit guides on life questions, current life circumstances or life lessons.

The channelings we receive are often accompanied by ancient 'Earth Songs'

Soon after we started to receive these channelings we also started to receive and sing songs in foreign languages and melodic tones unknown to us. We soon learned that these songs are beneficial for those who listen to the channelings.


The songs align the listeners with the healing and transforming energies of the channelings 

We mostly sing the song of 1 indigenous Tribe at the time. There are 7 indigenous ancient Tribes that alternately come through in these Earth Songs:

  • The Red Indians
  • The Inuit
  • The Caribbeans - Indigenous tribes/African slaves
  • The Armenians - Arabs/Jews/Assyrians/Armenians
  • The Polynesians - Hawaiians/Māori
  • The Africans
  • The Himalayans

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Nice to meet you!

We are Briant&Jaldhara. We channel and teach knowledge to Awaken your Radical Self-Love and Guide you on your Spiritual Growth Path.

We combine our psychotherapeutic skills and methods with the Transformative Healing Channellings, called the WHISPERS, to enrich your life with deep and lasting change. We work & live together for the last 23 years.

Online we do Master Classes, Healing programs and Coach you in our WHISPER WAVE community. Offline we work with you at intimate retreats and during live channelings.

Being Dutch originally, we now travel the world as Digital Nomads since 2014. The way we live, work and travel is a direct reflection of our own spiritual journey as advocates of Inner Freedom.

This is the Vision that we wake up to every day:

We are strong transformative channels and with our ever-growing transformative capacity we emancipate millions of human beings by helping them to ignite their RADICAL SELF-LOVE every day more.

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