Ibiza RADIANCE Retreat


FROM OCT 07 - OCT 13 ⋅ 2018



This is your chance and make sure not to miss out on it!

The Ibiza RADIANCE retreat will bring you exactly what is says it does: It is all about how to learn to celebrate YOURSELF, how to celebrate your RADIANCE, how to celebrate your LIFE and how to connect with your ESSENCE

Seven days LIVE on IBIZA from Sunday Oct 07 - Saturday Oct 13 ⋅ 2018 

And after coming back home you will also receive 7 online master classes to deeper integrate everything you have learned & experienced on IBIZA

what to expect?

This amazing retreat will be packed with:

💗 Transformative Channellings 

💗 Master the Art of Grounding 

💗 Connecting to Self & Source 

💗 Autonomy Constellations 
💗 Active Meditations 

💗 Breathwork 

💗 Healings 

💗 Master Classes 

💗 Private Counseling

💗 Celebrations 

💗 Break-throughs 

💗 Healthy Food 

💗 High Vibrations 


The RADIANCE effect

What does it mean, the RADIANCE effect? 
You will leave IBIZA touched by and filled with the RADIANCE effect. During these 7 wonderful days you will make a deep Inner Journey that will bring you closer to knowing, loving & accepting yourself.

We have designed this retreat in such a way that you will open up to loving yourself. You are so much more than the woman or man you think you are. You are LOVE 💗 To really feel that and to always be able to tap into that feeling wherever you are. That is what you will experience and learn in this retreat, on a deep spiritual level. 

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. That is a sacred truth this world has denied you to know and to believe. In this retreat you will deeply reconnect with that truth. You will deeply reconnect with your own inner knowing, your inner wisdom, your inner truth and your intuition. 

In this retreat you will learn to master the ancient technique of connecting with Self & Source. From that you will be able to connect with happiness, fulfilment, contentment, purpose, direction, focus and clarity. 

Part 1 of this retreat is LIVE on IBIZA during 7 days from Sun. 07 till Sat. 13 October ⋅ 2018
Part 2 of this retreat is ONLINE. The 7 Online master classes will start after you've come home from IBIZA. Once a week, during 7 weeks we will help you to deeper integrate everything you learned and experienced during the Ibiza retreat. 


Make up your mind

  • Do I need this?
  • Do I want this?
  • Do I allow myself to have this? 
  • Do I allow myself to have this deeply human experience?

  1. Am I going to stop myself? 
  2. Am I allowing myself to not have this? 
  3. Nothing will change if I keep doing what I always do. 

  • The time for me to change is NOW! 
  • I book the ticket, I am going to IBIZA.


We are Briant&Jaldhara. We channel and teach knowledge that aligns you with Self & Source and awakens you to the Inner Calling of your Essence.

We combine our psychotherapeutic skills and methods with the Transformative Channellings, called the WHISPERS, to enrich your life with deep and lasting change. We work & live together for the last 23 years.

Online we do Master Classes, Healing programs and Coach you in our WHISPER WAVE community. Offline we work with you at intimate retreats.

Being Dutch originally, we now travel the world as Digital Nomads since 2014. The way we live, work and travel is a direct reflection of our own spiritual journey as advocates of Inner Freedom.

This is the Mission that we wake up to every day:

'We are strong transformative channels and with our ever-growing transformative capacity we help emancipate millions of human beings into igniting their self-nurturing ability every day more'.

What our clients say about our work...

The ability to heal and help to change old dysfunctional patterns

I had the opportunity to take coaching sessions from Briant & Jaldhara. I'm a rational man and I have in no way experienced it as being vague. For me it was grounded, connected and sincere, confrontational and decisive, emotional and healing.

They are very nice and sincere people who have the ability to heal and help to change old dysfunctional patterns. It's a pleasure and an honor to know them.

Jeroen Terpstra | Psychiatrist

  • Enlightening, respectful, knowledgeable and very competent

    Enlightening, healing, practical, challenging, warm, positive, witty, close by at a distance, energetic, confrontational, respectful, personal, knowledgeable, courageous, wise, loving and very competent; words that come to mind when I think of Briant & Jaldhara and their coaching. Go for this coaching if you really want to hear, see and feel it!

    Annelies v. Gool | Biz Consultant

  • I felt so supported in my process

    Even though it was a tough journey, the personal attention of Briant and Jaldhara and their spot on questions made me go deeper. I felt so supported in my process.

    If you dare to be open and honest with yourself, actively participate in the program and share your experiences in the private group, I am sure that you will look at yourself completely differently at the end of the ride.

    Sacha de Koning | Mgmt Assistent

  • They are powerful, go straight to the core, have humor and give you the right tools to keep growing

    For the past months I have followed this extensive training with Briant & Jaldhara. I've been following them for a while now, but this was the first time that I really went into the deep end with them.

    What an experience! They are powerful, go straight to the core, have humor and give you the right tools to keep growing. I really recommend them.

    Floris Moerkamp | Entrepreneur 

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    €3.995 but you can pay €1.000 LESS!

    And this is what you have to do for it

    Of course, you are allowed to pay the full price of €3.995 for this amazing retreat. It is worth every cent you pay. But why would you? You can claim this discount now!

    All you have to do is to mail us and to talk to us. If you do you can enroll in the Ibiza RADIANCE retreat for €1.000 less.

    So all you have to do next is to contact us at 'briantandjaldhara@gmail.com' and we will send you all the details on how to enroll.

    This RETREAT is all about you celebrating and waking up to your own Spiritual Journey. 
    Are you ready for the next level off your Spiritual Journey? This retreat is available for 10 participants. All you have to do is jump now. 

    It will be an amazing journey!

    • If you want to join the retreat at €3.995 without discount click on the button below & pay.
    • If you want to join the retreat and claim your €1.000 discount,  just mail us at briantandjaldhara@gmail.com and we'll get back to you a.s.a.p and send you
       your €2.995 payment details for the retreat.

              HURRY! This retreat is available for 10 participants only                                                     

  • What is included in the Retreat?

    Your arrival at the retreat is on Saturday the 6th of October 

    We will make sure you are being picked up from the airport on Saturday the 6th. So you can settle in and relax to prepare yourself for the retreat that will start on Sunday the 7th. Get to know each other and share a lovely meal.

    We have picked a beautiful and relaxing venue for you

    We have picked a nice venue for you. You will have a lovely  room to sleep and rest, with everything that you desire. 
    You will share your room with one of the other participants of the retreat. 

    We have lovely & healthy food for you

    During the retreat our cook will prepare amazing and tasty vegan food for you. Tell us if you have special needs or allergies so we can take good care of you. During the whole retreat we have a strict no alcohol & no drugs policy. 

    We will bring you back to the airport on Saturday the 13th 

    Transport to the airport will be taken care of. If you choose to stay longer on Ibiza after the retreat we will take care of transport to the place where you will be staying. 

    The only thing you have to do is book your flight to Ibiza

    Everything else is included int the price of the retreat and everything is taken care of during the retreat. All you have to do is to pay and book your own ticket.