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Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing

When we talk about your Inner Child we talk about the younger you between roughly 0 and 10 years old. So the period from the moment you were born till you were about 10 years old. During that period the average child experienced a lot of extraordinary stuff, a lot of good stuff, a lot of normal and mediocre stuff and a lot of bad stuff. For many of us the bad stuff was so intense that it still influences our lives today. How?

As soon as an emotional, mental or physical flight or fight response is triggered by a memory we call this memory ‘a charged memory’. A charged memory has always a pain, fear or shock component attached to it. Charged memories have always charged beliefs or limiting beliefs and charged language attached to it.

Inner Child Healing is a healing modality that helps to discharge these charged memories. Along with discharging the memory it is important to also discharge the limiting beliefs and the charged language associated with the charged memory.

Inner Child Healing creates or clears up a lot of inner space, emotional space and creates emotional freedom. People who have worked with this modality feel emotionally lighter, feel relieved and have new energy and new perspectives to change and live their lives.

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