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This e-book is all about the inner journey to Self-Love.

Interlaced with our personal stories of the inner journey we've made with Self-Love.
In this 60 page e-book you can read about & work with

* the 4 portals to Self-Love

* the 7-steps to R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Self-Love method

* 7 powerful exercises to increase your Self-Love

* 7 powerful Mantra’s

The magic of this e-book is that it's a very practical self-help book that invites you to increase your Self-Love.


In an enlightening way Briant and Jaldhara explain, in this wonderful e-book, how important it is to love yourself - and what is needed for that. For: he who takes good care of himself, no longer holds others responsible for his own health and happiness. You are handed seven steps to help you with this.

These two brilliant coaches don’t pussyfoot around: you really have to want it and you even more so have to DO it. Everything starts with you and the choice to give yourself what you need to be able to grow and prosper in all respects: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is inspiring to read how Briant and Jaldhara went through this process themselves while living and working everywhere and nowhere as digital nomads.

Do you find it hard to succeed on your own and do you need help? Briant and Jaldhara offer guidance in many shapes and sizes. I can recommend them from my own experience: never before have professional coaches made me aware of my blind spots with so much love, humor and patience. They handed me new opportunities to live my life more lovingly and with more fun.

Daniëla Postma, Author-designer-coach

SELF-LOVE a never ending story

If you are still looking for a present for someone or for yourself in these days, I can highly recommend the e-book ‘R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Self-Love, how to live the life you love in 7 powerful steps' of Briant and Jaldhara.

These two life coaches created a book that is giving you a huge mirror to look in and be real about what you see and want to change. As they say, it is not about playing Mr Good or pretending you are living a lovely life on the outside. No, this method, this e-book and these two powerful coaches help you with you inner journey so you can heal your negative thoughts and behavior. For this it is important to do the daily work and be honest about yourself and where you are and want to be.

This e-book came exactly at the right moment, I was struggling with toxic friendships, had serious problems with my digestion and found out that I had very negative thoughts about myself on a daily basis. On the outside I was living a lovely life and really doing what I love, but on the inside I lived a different life that was leaking energy. When I decided to choose more self love and skipped all products with milk from my diet, and began to work with this method on a daily basis, I was experiencing more focus, sticked to my plans and now I know more quickly when I am away from the life I love.

Briant and Jaldhara are two very authentic coaches and beautiful people. They have chosen from a life they love and want you to do the same. They are very eager, inspiring, pure and clear. I saw them transform this year when they chose a 100% RAW diet. Food and your relationship with it is doing so much more than you can imagine.

Love yourself, choose a warm relationship with yourself and give this present to someone you love or to yourself. Briant and Jaldhara offer you different ways of working with them, I am absolutely sure you can find and experience more SELF-LOVE. Don’t hesitate, choose your life, begin now!

~ Linde ten Broek, Soulstoryteller