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Calling Your Dream Into Existence

Calling Your Dream Into Existence

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You start with saying
I have a dream
And you really, you truly say this out loud
And then you state your dream
And make that very short
And very crisp
I have a dream to become
The most successful ta, ta, ta, ta, taa
To become the most successful ta ta taa in the world
Or ta ta taa in Holland
Or ta ta taa in America
Or whatever

Make it specific but keep it short
And then you state this out loud everyday
Every day until you materialize this dream
And don’t say it once a day
Say it maybe fifty times
Or one hundred times a day
Say it out loud
And write it down as you say it out loud
Or first you say it out loud and then you write it down
So if you say it one hundred times a day
Then also write it down one hundred times a day
And you do this every day
Every day
Every day
Until the dream materializes
And this can take up to a month
But also a year, two years, three years
If it’s a big dream, a really big big dream
You need time
And the dream needs time to materialize
So give it time

All you have to do is focus on your dream everyday
And this is how this technique of saying it out loud
And writing it down
We call this calling your dream
Or pulling your dream into existence
And of course
Together with stating it out loud and writing it down
You also have to act
For dreaming without action is only dreaming
There is no reality to it
So you have to come into action
Focus precise action to bring that dream closer to you everyday

And then there is something else very important
Do not concentrate on the impossibilities
For, believe me
Your mind will come up
And your emotion will come up
With many many many impossibilities
Many reasons why this is a bad idea
And why the dream will never come through
And if you believe your mind
And if you believe your emotions
You will not succeed

So don’t concentrate on them
Concentrate on the dream
Keep being focused on the dream
The outcome
Don’t focus on the impossibility
Because, believe me
And you know this is true
For you know yourself
You are a true magician when it comes to
Coming up with reasons why this is a bad idea
And why the dream can never become true
And why you are stupid and should stop

And don’t stop, go on
Go on, go on, go on
Yes, there is always one day
Or one week
Or maybe two weeks
That you will stop
You have given up hope
You have lost your hope
But then you have to get your act together
Get your act together and start dreaming again
And start working your dream
And believe us
Eventually, you will call this dream into reality

And you will make mistakes
And you will be disappointed
And you will have drawbacks
And you will feel discouraged
Maybe even people will discourage you
But don’t listen to people
Listen to your big dream
Listen to You
And even sometimes, don’t listen to you
All you do is picture the dream
And see it in front of you
And work that dream
And it is a promise

If you keep on doing this
Day in, day out
Week in, week out
Month after month
And maybe even year after year
Like we said before
Eventually, the dream will become reality

This is our promise
And this is what we wish for you

Thank you
This was our message


Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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