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The vibrational field of abundance

The vibrational field of abundance

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Today I would like to talk to you about the vibrational field of abundance

For abundance is not an isolated energy
It is truly a vibration
And to step into that energy field of abundance
Into that vibrational field of abundance
There are a few things you need to know

First of all
In the vibrational field of abundance
There is no room for fear
Neither is there room for control
And neither is there room for doubt
For the vibrational field of abundance
Is very much about trust
About surrender
And about letting go
Three requisites of abundance
They go hand in hand

And those of you who believe that
Abundance is only about money
To those I will tell
That is a very limited understanding
And a very limiting understanding of abundance
Abundance is truly a vibration that lifts you up
And that lifts up your life
And the minute you connect your desire
Your longing for abundance
With a greater goal, if you wish
For instance with your life’s purpose
And the minute you connect the vibration of abundance
Your longing for abundance
To a goal that serves the greater good of mankind
Then that whole energetic field of abundance will shift

And if you call upon abundance
If you desire abundance
If you wish for abundance to come into your life
Start with connecting yourself to a goal
That is serving the greater good of all of mankind
It is really helpful
And then ask for abundance to penetrate
Every aspect of your being
Any aspect of your energy field
Any aspect of your vibrational field
Any aspect of your molecule structure
Even unto the level of your DNA strings
And ask for the vibration of abundance to be present
In every aspect of your life
Every aspect of your life

And if there is fear
Or if there is need for control
Or if there is not trusting the process
This interferes with abundance
So you will have to work on these energies within you
You have to do the ground work to clean yourself
Of old and past life
And old archetypal imprints
Family imprints
Youth memories
Basic fear memories
Until you reach a state where you can fully let go
And surrender
And trust without fear
Trust not, because you believe it
But trust because you know
You know it in every cell of your being
That abundance is coming your way
The minute you summon abundance to come

And if you are in a state
You have brought yourself into a state
Where abundance can truly come to you
And come to your life
And serve you
And in co-creation with you
Serve the greater good of mankind
Then money will come in many many many ways
Abundance of love
Abundance of happiness
Abundance of co-creation
Abundance of money
Abundance of clients
Abundance of possibilities
Abundance of creativity
Abundance of health
And so on and so forth
It will touch every aspect of your life
And you can ask for it to touch every aspect of your life
So connect willfully
And consciously
With the vibrational field of abundance in your life everyday
If abundance is what you are seeking
Then let abundance be your teacher

And if there is any abundance blocks
That you encounter on your journey
Towards letting abundance into your life
Deal with these blocks
Heal these blocks
So that abundance can truly and freely
Flow into your life
Into every aspect of your life
And connect with your soul

This is what I wish for you today
And tomorrow
And every day of the rest of your life

Thank you
This was my message

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