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Right time & Right place

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So today I would like to talk to you about the right time and right place

For you being human
You are eager
You have expectations
And you have desires
And, of course, you have needs

So if you engage in any form of spirituality, meditation
And if you even connect with us your spirit tribe
Your spiritual helpers
You must probably make a wish
It can be about a loved one
So you are lacking the love of your life, in your life
So you ask us to bring you the right man or the right woman
Or you have a lack of money
And you ask us to bring you money in any shape way or form
Or you are in a job right now where you are unhappy
And you ask us to bring you another job
A nice job, a good job
Or you might even ask us to help you
With starting your own business
And these are of course only a few examples
Of the way you being a human, you wish

And many of you
To think that we do not grant you the wish you are wishing
Because that what you are wishing for is not coming into realization
It’s not coming into fruition
But is this true
Is it true that we do not grant you that wish
We do, we do grant you something that you are longing for
Or wishing for
But it is not always good for you
That what you are wishing for
Or the way you state it
The way you say it
The way you express it to us
If we would do it exactly that way
It will not always be the right thing for you
So we modify
And why do we modify
Because we have your best interest at heart
We always look out for you
What is best for you in this situation

So if you are wishing to bring you a man or a woman
And you have already focused on somebody
And if we see that that somebody
Will not bring you what you are longing for
Namely, happiness
We will not bring you that person
We will bring you somebody else
Or we are going on with preparing you to be ready
For the right one

And this is something you have to understand
Sometimes you are not ready for what you are wishing for
The new man
The new woman
The amount of money you wish
The new job
Or your own business
Sometimes you are just not ready
You are not in the position yet
Where you can learn what you have to learn
From being where you are now
For where you are now
There might be a lesson there for you
Maybe your patience is tested
Or maybe your endurance is tested
Or maybe your sincerity is tested
Or maybe your capacity to trust and to surrender is tested
Or is growing even, is honed

So we always tell you to ask us to help you
And then when you do ask us
You do not see the results
So this looks to you as if that is a contradiction
We tell you to ask us for help
And now it looks as if we do not help you
But this is never true
We always help you
We either prepare you
Or we guide you
Or we heal you
Or we straightaway grant your wish
It all depends on where you stand
And we understand that this is confusing
And this is disappointing sometimes
We can see that
We can feel that
That you are disappointed
For you do not experience the help that you are asking for
And yet, rest assured
We do help you, always
That is our nature
And that is the nature of our working together with you
We are always helping you
Or preparing you
Or healing you
And that is helping you too
And then when you are ready for that what you have wished for
Or when you have modified that what you wish for more
To suit your present situation
Then it will be granted
And we will bring it to you
Or it will materialize
It will come into realization

So first of all
Never give up
Keep asking
Keep surrendering
Keep trusting
And when the time is right
And when you are ready
It will happen
And this is an ironclad promise
In fact it is a law of nature
Ask and you will receive

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Right time & place - Mantra

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