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Your true wish is irresistible to the Universe

Your true wish is irresistible to the Universe

Today I will talk to you about standing in your own light

To choose that reality of standing in your own light
In your own full glory
On all levels of your being
Standing in the light

This is a great task
For many many many of you have dark layers
where you are not standing in your light
But where you are standing in your darkness
And do not understand me wrong
Darkness does not necessarily mean evil or bad
No, that’s not the darkness that I talk about now

Darkness here means confusion, pain and more things
But in general, darkness here means unhealed layers
Layers where your greatness
Cannot be reached
Cannot be seen
Cannot be felt

We all go through life, as we grow up
We all experience denial
Parts of us are being denied
And we learn to deny parts within ourselves, layers
And standing in your full glory
Standing in your full light
Is for many of you a big task
Something that seems unreachable
And yet it is your natural state

Now, how do you get from darkness, the unhealed layers
How do you get to the point where you stand in your full glory
Stand fully in the light of who you are
And fully shine that light brightly
Own that light
Own that brightness and be comfortable with it

There is very very very few people here on earth
Who are doing just that
Who can manifest that state
Who are manifesting that state
Very few
And yet it can be done
And it even goes further
For the earth to survive it needs to be done
And it starts with you
With you shining your light fully
You owning your light fully

And how do you do it?
There is a method that I will talk about
Close your eyes
And feel your feet
And imagine you are standing in nature
So where ever you are

Even if you are in a concrete building
A skyscraper with 40 floors, it doesn’t matter
Close your eyes and imagine you are standing on the earth
And you can choose
Either you stand on grass or you stand on sand
Or you stand on a rock
So the surface you are standing on, barefooted
Is either grass, white beachie sand or a rock
comfortable to the feet
And you choose what surface serves you best

And once you have done that
While you stand there you open up your arms wide
And you point them towards the sky
In a 45 degree angle
So your arms express openness and happiness
And you tilt your head backwards
And you point your eyes towards the sky
So not more than 30 – 45 degrees
So not all the way
Your head does not lean back all the way
Just a little bit
So that you can look up at the sky

And then you say
I choose to live my full potential
This is one of the mantras you are going to say
I choose to live my full potential
I choose to stand in my glory
I choose to shine my full bright light upon this earth
I choose light
I am light
I am shining fully and bright

And you do this three times a day
You do it in the morning as you wake up
Do it somewhere in the middle of the day
Let’s say between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m.
And you do it somewhere in the hour before you go to bed
It can even be five minutes before you go to sleep
It doesn’t matter
So you do this three times a day
The minute you get up
Somewhere between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m.
And somewhere in the hour before you go to sleep

And don’t do this for a week or for a month
Try to do this for a year, two years, three years
Make it a habit
Make it a routine

And by doing this you slowly alter your reality
You are proclaiming to the universe what you want
What your wish is
And since you are sending this out on a daily basis
A few times a day
The universe will understand what you are up to
The universe understands what you are looking for
And what you want
And what you need, even
So slowly, your reality will alter
Towards the outcome that you are proclaiming

And you will face healing
You will face cleaning
And why do I say you will face
And you will undergo healing and cleaning
Because sometimes the healing or the cleaning will be tough
because old unhealed layers of yourself will surface
And will be there in your face
In your life
Like dark, sticky oil on a beach
Washed upon a beach
The darkness
The pain
The anger
The anguish
All these old layers
They will start to turn
And they will start to surface

Because you ask for light
You chose that
You chose to shine bright
So in order to reach that state
The old layers have to leave you
And have to move
And have to heal
So they will surface
But since you are brave
You will go through this

And now that I have told you that this is the process
Now that you can see this
And understand this
All you have to do is keep on saying out loud to the universe
What it is that you want
What you are up to
What you are willing to reach
And willing to be

And eventually, after you have healed your dark layers
After all the dark corners in you have surfaced and shown
And have been touched by the light
Have been touched by the reality of now
Have been touched by the healing energy of light and love
Eventually you will become more and more light
You will become more and more healed
You will become more and more complete
And the amount of light within you will grow
It will multiply
It will grow bigger
And bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger
Until you reach that state
That you have wished for, all this time
That you have called into existence, all this time
By proclaiming it on a daily basis
Three times a day

And I have not said that it is an easy process, no
It can be a tough process
But be sure of one thing
It is five hundred thousand percent worth your while
Because in the end you will have attained
The level of light that you are
Why, because you have chosen it
You have told the universe
This is what I am up to
This is what I chose
And because you chose it
And you keep on choosing it
Eventually, it will come to fruition
It will become a reality
This is how it works
For your TRUE wish is irresistible to the Universe

Please shine your light as bright as you can
For it is a joy to the world
And it is a joy to the eye
And it is a joy for you and for everybody that will know you
That knows you
All the people that come into contact with you
For them it’s a joy

For pure light
To be in the presence of pure light is truly miraculous
And if you wish this
If you want this
We wish you a beautiful journey
We wish you courage
We wish you perseverance
And we wish you a beautiful outcome


This was my message

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