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You can’t go faster than God

You can’t go faster than God

What is the meaning of
You cannot go faster than God

Because many of you
Try to force the course of events
Try to force the outcome
Try to force life itself
This has to happen now
I deserve this now
I want this now
I want this outcome now
I want this result now
I want this lifestyle now
I want this woman now
I want this husband now
I want this child now
Because I want it
And because I want it
It has to happen now

And this is not the way things work
In the physical plain
The plain where you live
You see, for us in the non-physical
Things are far more easy
Because we do not have to work in the reality of
The density of this material world where you are

You see, on your earth, in your reality
First of all
There is of course gravity
And then there is matter
So there is denseness
The energy is very dense
Very compact

And on that level you cannot force life
You cannot force God
The God energy
You cannot force us
Of course you can ask us to help you
You can ask us to work with you
You can ask us to come into your life and
Co-create a reality that you are wishing for
And we can guide you along the way

If this is truly reflecting your Essence and
If this is truly reflecting your Soul
Yes, we surely will help you
To obtain this result
To obtain this outcome
But you have to give it time
Because sometimes you are just not ready
To carry the weight of the responsibility
Of that what you ask for

Sometimes you are not ready inwardly
And even outwardly
But mostly inwardly
You are not mature enough
You do not have enough experience
You have not had enough seasoning by life itself
Life has not yet taught you enough
For you to carry the weight of that what you want

Of course you want it now
But if you get it now
You can’t carry it
You can’t deal with the responsibility that comes with that
Then it will be your downfall
And we never do anything that promotes your downfall
This is not the way we work
Sometimes we have to let you make your own mistakes
We have to let you learn your own lessons
But we will never deliberately push you
Into your downfall
Or towards your downfall
This is just not the way we operate

So along the way
You will have to learn that
There is a right time
And a right place
And a right moment
And a right opportunity
For everything
And sometimes it takes
Two or three or five or ten or even twenty years
For you to get there
The wish is there now
The longing is there now
But you have to walk the road towards that goal
That desired outcome

And you have to walk the walk
And learn the lessons
And learn so that by the time you reach
Finally reach that outcome
Now you are ready to carry the weight
Now you are ready to carry the responsibility
Now you are ready to carry the load
Or now you are ready to fully enjoy this
To fully let this blossom
And let this glow
And grow
Now you are ready

Because you have learnt from life itself
You have learnt your lessons
Your character
Your presence
Your being has been honed
Has been worked on
Has matured and has ripened
And now the result will come
And yet again
It might come in a different shape
In a different way or form than you had wished for
But do not worry
Because it will come

If it is beneficial to you
If it is a reflection of your Essence
If it is a reflection of that aspect of your Soul
That you have to bring into blossoming
In this lifetime
Then it will happen

And if all this is not the case
It will never happen
But you will lose the desire along the way, anyway
For the root of that desire will be diverted
So your life’s path will be diverted
And you will pursue other matters
You will pursue other dreams
Other desires
You will dream of other outcomes

So, this whole business of going faster than God
You cannot
And most of you live a lifetime to learn this simple lesson
That everything has its time
And its place
And its right moment
For it to happen
Or it not to happen

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Not Faster Than God - Mantra


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