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What is your personal vibration?

What is your personal vibration?

Today we would like to talk to you about your personal vibration
Your personal energy level

If you want to raise your personal vibration
There are a number of things you can do to do that
And one of the things you have to be aware of is
Who do you surround yourself with
What people
How do they think
How do they manifest themselves
And what do they find important
What is their focus

If you are on the spiritual path
Of you connecting with your essence
And you are surrounded by people
Who interfere with that process, so to say
Then basically, they are the wrong people
For you to surround yourself with

So if you are choosing to live the life of connecting
With your essence
And living your essence
Connect with people who are doing the same
Or at least who are searching for that path
Surround yourself with equal minded
And equal spirited people
This makes it far more easy for you
To walk that path
That’s one, that’s people

Now, also what you eat
Do you eat industrial food
Or do you eat homemade freshly prepared food
Vegetables, healthy food
It really has a great influence on your personal vibration
There are food types
That are in accordance with your well being
That are easy to digest
That have a lot of nutrients
That have good vibrations

And most of the time
This is fresh vegetables
Fresh fruits
Try to stay away from grains
Peas is good
Lentils are good
Sprouts are good
Green smoothies is good
If you like meat
Try to get biological meat
Meat that is grown wholesome
If you like eggs
Try to eat biological eggs
So, eggs that are coming from chickens
That are raised wholesome

And who is preparing your food
Is this a person that has a lot of anger
Has a lot of heavy ancestral energy
Heavy karmic energy
Or is this a seeker like yourself
Connected with love and light
Searching for his or her own essence
Maybe you prepare your own food
Even better

So watch who is preparing your food
It’s very important to eat food prepared by somebody
With a high vibrational level
It will benefit you
Because the energy of the person cooking for you
Goes into the food
And then if you drink a lot of alcohol
And you smoke a lot of drugs
And you do a lot of drugs
This will all drag you down
It will bring your personal energy level
Your personal vibration down
It will lower that personal vibrational level

We do not say that you shouldn’t drink alcohol
Or shouldn’t use drugs
But we want to say this to you
So that you are aware of it
And that you can choose
It’s all a matter of choice
What is your goal
And what are you prepared to sacrifice
To reach that goal
And it might seem as if it’s a sacrifice at first
And little by little it will become a way of living

And moving your body is very important
Keep your body moving
And it doesn’t have to be a lot
But it has to be daily
Even ten minutes
Fifteen minutes
Twenty minutes
The right kind of exercise
Can give you great benefit
It will all benefit towards
You raising your personal vibration
And your personal vibrational level

So, what is the benefit of high energy?
It makes you creative
It makes you bubbly
It makes you light
It makes that we can work with you far more easy
You are more receptive
You are more open
And we can work with you
And through you much easier if you are connecting
And bring yourself to a higher personal energy level
A higher personal vibration

So, we invite you to do that
And this was people

But there is also the daily meditation
And daily go inside yourself
And connect with your breath
And connect with your stillness
And connect with your essence
With your truth
With your wisdom

And make this a way of living
You will truly, truly benefit from this
Your life will be more easy
More happy
More light
More whole
And this is what we wish for you
You choose
It’s your choice
But it is important for you to know
There is a choice

This was our message


The MANTRA for today is:

Personal Vibration - Mantra


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