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The Highest Relative Value

The Highest Relative Value

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Today I would like to talk to you about the highest relative value

What do we mean by this
Many of you who have by now been listening to the whispers
Learn that you can actively ask for help
You can ask us for help
You can ask us for guidance

And how most of you go about doing this is
You become quiet
You ground
You find your breath
You breathe all the way into your essence
And then you are at this point
Where you are ready to ask for help
And the subject you choose is often a subject that you are wrestling with
Or struggling with in the now
And funny as it may sound
This is not always the most important subject or topic that needs work
And this is why we come up with telling you about the highest relative value

What is it
The highest relative value is
An energy in your vibrational field that needs attention in the now
And it doesn’t necessarily have to be that what you want to work on
Or that what you would like to change
Or would like to clean or heal
It is something that you truly need
That needs your attention
That needs healing
That needs to be addressed
And to be looked at right now

And most of the time you are not aware of this
And yet it is there
So what we suggest is
Try this
Ask us to show you
What has the highest relative value in the now?
What item or what subject or what emotion
Has priority in the now
As far as we are concerned
So from our point of view
What has priority to be worked on in the now

So instead of bringing in your own subject
Or your own topic
Or your own desire
You reverse this by asking us
Can you please show me what is it that has priority in my life now?
That needs to be addressed
That needs to be worked on
That needs to be healed
And of course, we always have your best interest in mind
So we will always show you
Tell you
Through your intuition
Through your imagination
Through a mental image
Or in any other way shape or form
We will tell you
And convey what it is that needs to be addressed now

And sometimes you will see nothing
You will not know what it is that we work on
But you will feel it
You will feel either numb
Or very tired
Or even, you have the feeling of being stuck to your chair
Or stuck to your bed
And all you can do is surrender
And give in
And let go

And in that instance
We will perform some sort of energy surgery on you
We might work on your DNA pattern
We might work on your thought patterns
On your emotional patterns
We will be conducting a deep healing
A healing within your energy field
Within your cell memory field
Within your archetypal imprint field
It can be quite intensive

And we cannot always tell you what we are doing
Because sometimes it is very complex
And we have no similar language
In which we can tell you what we are doing exactly
But everything we do
If you allow us to do this
Is out of love
And is out of us giving you the best possible results
We always have your best interest in mind
We always have your future
Your happiness
Your wholeness
Your healed-ness in mind

So, instead of bringing your own images
Your own desires
Your own wishes
You can reverse this process
And just let us do that what needs to be done
And the way you asks us is
Please work on that in me
That has the highest relative value at this moment
That has priority at this moment

And after you asked us
Just surrender and wait
And it will either come immediately
Or it will come in the next seventy-two hours
In some form, shape or whatever
It might be a message
It might be a person
It might be a book
It might be an insight
It might be a dream
I t has many shapes and forms
But if you ask we will deliver

And this was our message for today
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:


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