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The Field of Preparation

The Field of Preparation

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Today I would like to talk to you
About the ‘Field of Preparation’
The minute you start
To contact us consciously
And the minute you consciously
Start to ask for our Help
And our Guidance
And the minute you start to develop
A relationship with us
A living relationship
From that minute onwards we are
Not only guiding you but also
Preparing you to be more able
To receive our guidance
And we will work on you
We will work on your energy field
We will work on you energetic field
In many, many ways

We will gently push you
We will bring situations
And people into your life
To help you and guide you
Along the way
But we will also work
On your vibrational field
To raise your vibrational field
So that you can handle more and more
Subtle energies
For the energies that we work with
Are very high and very volatile
Very high and very different
From your dense material reality on earth
And in order to reach you more and more
We have to bring
Your personal vibrational level up

So we will heal your aura
Clean your aura
Tune your chakras
Clean your whole Energy Field
Heal your whole Energy field
And you will gradually undergo
A transformation, a shift
An Energy Shift
So that you become more and more receptive
To our guidance
And so that you become more and more capable
Of doing what you have to do
What you need to do
To fulfill your Life Purpose
And this is a long and gentle process
And it can take up to years

And sometimes it is very unpleasant
Sometimes it feels as if you are on a platform
And you do not seem to be able to move on
To take the next step, to go to the next level
And so you become impatient
Maybe you even become desperate
You start to become disappointed
And you lose hope
Like hey what is going on here?
I am asking you for help
And I am not getting it
But be aware my child
You are getting it
Only, it takes time
And it takes patience sometimes

And sometimes it goes very quick
And very fast and very easy
And very smoothly
But some obstacles inside of you
Thought forms, emotions
Trauma, archetypal imprints
Sometimes they are so strong
And so dense with material energy
That we really need time to loosen them up
To solve them
And to make them fluid
And to make them transformable
But in the end we always succeed
And this you simply have to trust
And you will learn to trust this
As we develop a closer relationship to you
You will learn to trust us more
And trust this process more
For you feel and see and experience
The result of the work we do on you
The work we do together
In co-creation with you

It is a beautiful journey
Full of learning and experiencing
And growing
And the reward will be glorious
For the reward will be
You being Connected, fully connected
With your Essence
And truly, for a living human being
There is no greater gift
And you will recognize this
And see the full Magnitude of this
Once you have reached that stage in your life
You will recognize what we tell you here

To fully live your life’s purpose
To fully live in accordance with your Essence
To fully walk Your unique path
And be happy
And be in the flow
In the zone
In the now
And to be content with all this
Is the greatest Gift
A human will ever experience
While being alive

And this is a life
We wish for you
So the minute you wish it
For yourself
And you ask us for help
For you have to give us permission
To help you
And the minute you do
The minute you give us permission
We will start to work with you
But only if you continue to ask us for help
So give us the signal
I am still willing
I am still wanting this
And we will
We will work on you
We will guide you
We will help you
This is a promise
If you do the work
And if you are willing to do the work
We will help you to be able to do that work
And this we call the Field of Preparation

This was my message
Thank you

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