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Help from your Spirit Tribe

Help from your Spirit Tribe

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For many of you this concept of being able to contact us
Is abstract and is new
Many of you are used to praying
Many of you meditate
Many of you do yoga
But to be able to connect with what we call your Spirit Tribe
Is a concept that is new to people
And today I would like to explain more about it

Each and everyone of you
Each soul born onto this earth
Is being guided and protected by Celestial Entities
Angels, Archangels, Spiritual Guides, Power Animals
And there are many, many more forms of Helping Energies
And you as a human can tap into that realm
Can tap into that Energy Field
It is a field of Love
Of Light of Knowledge
Of Wisdom of Healing

And whether you believe it to be true or not
That doesn’t really matter
We are there and we are there for you to help you
And you can connect with us
And the most simple way to do it is to become quiet
Close your eyes, feel your feet consciously on the floor
Make contact with your breath and become quiet and still
Until you reach a state
A layer within yourself we call your Essence

And on that level you can easily contact us and connect with us
All you have to say is Help me, Help me to …
So you vocalize what you need Help with
Please Help me with …
Well, a hot issue for most people is money
Help me financially
Help me to better myself financially
Help me to improve my financial situation
This is not yet specific
So you want help with your financial situation
And you want it to improve
But let’s say that you are making $1000 a month now
And you really need $1600
So ask us, tell us, listen
I need $1600 each month
This month, next month and the following month
And I have only $1000, so help me to manifest
These $1600 to pay my bills
And to live my life
And then you let it go
Ask us, ask us to help you

And let’s say you are feeling ill
You are ill
Ask us, please, Heal me
Please Help me with this illness
And then state the illness
Say what your illness is
And please Help me with this illness
Heal me, Heal me
And there is many, many, more examples of course
You can make ‘m up yourself

Ask us for Help
So first of all contact us
And once you have contacted us
Ask us to help you, to guide you, to protect you
If you have a job interview tomorrow
Ask us to help you to become relaxed
And to make a good impression
And to land the job
If you have an exam tomorrow
Help us to be successful
To be calm
To be clear
And to be in such a relaxed state that you easily pass the exam

So ask us to help you
And do this every day
It can be a different subject each day
It can be the same subject each day
Ask us to help you and let us help you
And don’t do it once, don’t do it for a month
Do it really for months and months and months
And see how your life will gradually change
For the better

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Spirit Tribe - Mantra


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