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Divine intervention

Divine intervention

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Today I would like to talk to you about divine intervention
And this is some phenomenon that you have heard of
Or even witnessed in your life
And what exactly does it mean
Divine intervention

It is quite simple
The minute you are at the brink of dying
Through something happening to you
Like for instance a car accident
Or any accident
And it is not your time yet
For you have come here on this earth
To do something important
To do something important that others will benefit from
Other humans or humankind as a whole will benefit from
It is very simple
If it is not your time to go and leave these earthly plains
We will intervene
And of course, this is then divine interception
A divine interception
And you humans call this miraculous
You feel that you have been rescued
In a way that is impossible for the human mind to grasp
You have been rescued by angels
Or by God
Or by a supernatural force

And the reality of it is that we have the power to intervene
This is what we can do
We do not often do this, for we respect your free will
If you have not asked us we will hardly ever intervene
But sometimes we have to
We must
For if it is not your time to go
We will intervene, like I said
For it would be a waste of energy
It would be a waste of love
It would be a waste of light
It would be a waste of your potential
If we would let you die just like that

So the car that you are in
Or the train that you are in
Or the airplane that you are in
Or the tree that was about to fall on top of you
We manage it somehow
In a way that you are rescued, miraculously
You might even be the only survivor of a plane crash
You might be the only survivor in a bus crash
Or in a car accident
Where it is for humans impossible to have survive
You will survive
And this is because we rescued you
Because you had to be rescued
It is that simple

And what we often see
Or what you will notice
Is that people who have been rescued by us
In such a miraculous way
Their life will change
Because it is also the beginning of your path
That you were meant to walk in the first place
So, suddenly your whole life changes
Your whole perspective on life changes
Your whole connection
To others and to yourself changes
So it is truly an awakening
A quickening
Or as you might call it, a wake-up call
So that whole accident
And that miraculous “rescue” was there
To wake you up
To bring you exactly there where you had to be
In the first place
And suddenly
You will start to do what you were meant to do
Whatever it is
Whatever you have to do

For many people this is happening
And this is what we call divine intervention
And this is when you do not ask for it
This is when we think it’s needed
Or when we see it is needed
But that same divine intervention you can actually ask for
It doesn’t have to happen only when you are
In a car accident
Or in a plane crash
You can simply ask for divine intervention at any moment in your life
Whenever you are in despair
Whenever you are at a point where you are desperate
Where you don’t know what to do
Where you are lost

You can call us
Call upon us and ask us to intervene
You can say, please help me
Please help me to overcome this
Or please help me to change this
Or please rescue me
Rescue me from this disaster
Rescue me from this situation
If you are at rock bottom
Totally stuck
And you don’t know what to do anymore
You are on the brink of a nervous breakdown
All you have to do is ask us
Please help me
I am lost
I am stuck
I don’t know what to do anymore
Can you please help me

And we will
We are ready, able, and willing to help you
And this is what we wish for you
That whenever you need us
Whenever you feel that you are not capable of
Doing it yourself
Ask us to help you
Ask us for divine intervention
Because that is what we are here for
And we’ll gladly help you

This was our message
Thank you

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