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Daily ritual

Daily ritual

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In this whisper we would like to talk about the importance of a daily ritual

And what do we mean by a daily ritual
Once you are serious about your growth
Your inner growth
You spiritual growth
And once you have contacted us
And let us into your life
And told us that you want to work with us
And that we are invited into your life by you
To work with you
Once all that is established
From then on
Work with us daily

For maximum benefit
It is very important to work with us
On a daily basis
Incorporate working with us, directly
Into a daily practice
A daily ritual
You can for instance choose meditation
So where you sit or lay down
In a meditative state
Already connected to you
Through your breath
And then you can ask us anything you like
You can ask us to help you
To guide you
To show you insights
To show you truth
To clean you
To heal you
To clean your stubborn old patterns
Or stubborn old wounding
To clean you and to heal you from that

And by doing this daily
You will find that after a while
Your life will take a different turn
More positive
More easy
More strong
More connected with you
So your life-path is no longer separated from you
But you are walking on your life-path
And you feel very connected with your life-path
You feel connected with earth
You feel connected with other human beings
You feel connected with animals
With nature
You feel connected with love and light
With wisdom
With knowledge
With truth

All these benefits will eventually
After a while, if you keep practicing every day
They all will come your way
For if you invite us into your life, daily
We will work with you
And work on you daily
And you will soon experience the benefits of that
It might take a couple of months
It might take a year
It depends on you really
Sometimes it takes two years
But we promise you this
If you keep practicing
And if you keep doing it everyday
You will soon enough notice the difference

And then if you skip one day
Or two days
Or three days
You will notice
There is something missing in your life
Things aren’t going as easy anymore
Aren’t going as smooth anymore
Why, because you haven’t worked with us for awhile
For a couple of days
All you have to do is pick up the pace
Of daily working with us again
And you soon will notice
Everything runs smooth again

Does it means that you will always need us
And that you cannot live without us helping you
Of course you can
But you will feel the difference
Consider us to be your spiritual team
Your spiritual team-mates
And truly
We are your spiritual helpers
We are here to make your life more easy
More smooth
More happy
More light
So if you can choose between taking a bike
Or driving in a very nice expensive car
Sure, you will sometimes take the old bike
And then again, if you enjoy driving a car
You will enjoy driving
In this beautiful expensive new car

Maybe that is a strange example
But what we are trying to say here is
Why do you always have to choose difficult
There is no where written in any scripture
That you have to choose difficult
You are allowed to choose easy
You are allowed to choose love
You are allowed to choose working with a team
Working with some people or people that help you
Or in our case, spirits that help you
It is perfectly normal

So we invite you to try this for a while in your life
Not for a day
Not for week
Not for a month, no
Half a year
A year
Every day
Every day
And if you are too busy in the morning
Do it in the evening
If you are too busy in the evening
Do it in the morning
Feel free to decide when you want to do it

But soon you will start to notice the difference between
Before and after
Before working with us
And after working with us
And we will already tell you now
After working with us
On a daily basis
Your life will be more smooth
So why not give it a try
You are invited
All you have to do is invite us

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

daily ritual-mantra

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