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About Religion

About Religion

Today I would like to speak to you about religion

And you can choose
Either Buddhism
Either Hinduism
Either Judaism
Either Islam
Either Christianity

And basically what these five teachings are
Because teachings they are in essence
In essence, they teach you how to connect with self
How to connect with essence
But they also tell you how to behave
How not to behave

And the holy books connected to these teachings
These religious teachings
Are mainly man made
And confined in the knowledge
And the consciousness of their time
And within these holy books
There is no evolvement
There is no room for change

And if you follow the books
And follow the teachings to the letter
Without putting them in the perspective
Of modern time and modern man
Without putting them in the perspective of now
But taking them literally
You are missing the point

For the book is not the point
It’s a book, yes it’s an anchor
Yes it’s a mirror
Yes it’s a guideline
But taking it by the letter
Will make you dogmatic
And this is what we see in religion

My religion is better than your religion
My messenger, my prophet is a true son of God
Your prophet is only a prophet
And this Buddha, he is not even a messenger
There isn’t even a God there
And this Hinduism is also monkey business so
There is only one God and that’s my God
And that’s the best God
And my book is the holiest of holiest books
And then of course there is my tribe and my people are the best
Because we are the chosen ones

Religion also gives man a lot of confusion
An instead of it guiding you towards your self
In most cases it comes between you and your purpose
It comes between you and your essence
And of course if you are a good scholar
And a good student of your religion
And if you follow your religion well
If you study a lot
And you pray a lot
And you do all your exercises and your fasting
Whatever your religion requires from you
If you do that well, of course, it will give you something
It will give you a great deal even
But it will also limit you

For within the concept of religion
To follow an institutionalized religion
That concept
There is great limitation
Instead of you following your essence
You adapt to a concept
And you squeeze your essence within the concept
Into this concept
And there is deformation there
That in a way deforms

To be really free of religious pictures
To be truly free and only loyal to your essence
That’s a journey that takes a lot of courage
Because there is no script there
There is no teaching there that guides you
There is no book there
There is only experience
There is only going through the experience
Living the experience
Writing your own book
Following your own religion, if you wish
The religion of you connecting with your essence
You connecting with your soul
Without intervention of a messenger

Of course you can ask how
You can pray for help
You can ask for guidance
And guidance will be given to you
Of course, for there is intelligence that is guiding
There are laws of love and light that are guiding
Of course, there is spirit guides
There is a reality where angels live
Where guides live
Where spiritual guides live
And they will guide you
There is a whole realm there
Of helpers that are willing and able to help you
On your path towards your own essence

Religions do not like that
Scriptures do not like that
They don’t want you to be free
They don’t want you to be…Well
Basically they don’t like you to walk your own wisdom
Because there is also a lot of control
Within these institutionalized religions
From the past, there was need for control
There was need for confinement
But that need is no longer there
You are in a timeframe where you can be totally free
Of these religious concepts
And still go to heaven
Of course, it’s a metaphor
For true inner freedom
For true connection with your essence
And your soul will always live on anyway
It was there long before you took this human form
And it will be long there after you leave this human form
Your soul, the essence of your soul is always there
It’s omnipotent
It’s ever existing
In that manner of speaking
There was life before this life and there will be life after this life
Because your soul will not die
But there is so much fantasy
And there is so much confusion about this whole concept
Of heaven and earth and hell and what have you not
But truly, if you wish to walk your own reality
If you wish to walk your own truth
You do not need religion to guide you
You do not need a God in heaven to guide you
You do not need a prophet or a messenger to guide you
Yes, you can truly be your own prophet

This is a scary concept for religion
They don’t like you to be your own prophet
They don’t like you to be your own god
To find your own essence
They do not want you to connect with a universal energy
The vibration of love and light

It’s not a man
It’s an energy
It’s knowledge
It’s wisdom
It’s there
But it has no form
And yet it is everywhere

The concepts with which you try to describe
Heaven, hell, God, prophets, religion
Is very very very limited
And very inaccurate
And very…Well, limited
The truth is much much bigger
So how do you start

Start by following your truth
Do what you really feel
Pursue what you really dream of
And live a life where you find your truth
Follow your truth
Find your truth
And live your truth
You will be rewarded with You finding yourself
And you connecting with your essence
There truly is no greater gift


This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Loyal to your essence


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