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A spiritual being in a human form

A spiritual being in a human form

The message I want to convey today is for all of you
It is on some level applicable for everybody listening to this Whisper now

We see time and time again that the most difficult thing for you
Being a spiritual being in a human form
This life time
Yes, we talk about you here
For that is what you are
A spiritual being
Having a human experience in this life time

The most difficult thing for you, we see, is to let go
To let go and to follow the guidance we give you
Once you have given us permission to help you
By asking us
Please, help me
Help me to put my life into order
Help me to heal me
Help me to guide me
Help me to show me the way

Once you have invited us into your life
By saying these simple words
We then help you every time you are in need
Truly in need of guidance
Or when you ask for guidance
And ask for help
So, that’s the easy part

The hard part is to let go
Of your preconceived ideas
And your preconceived thoughts
And your preconceived thought forms
Your pictures
Your mental images you project upon reality
To let them go

What do we mean by that
Often, more often than not
You put your own mental image
Your own projection
Between that what we try to tell you
Try to show you
Try to convey to you
And yourself

So how does that show up in reality?
So you are there
Wanting to reach a certain goal
Or you ask for a certain result
And you ask us to help you
To guide you
And instead of being blank and open
And listen to what we tell you
The direction we gently push you into
That what we whisper, so to speak, to you
Because sometimes it’s not loud
Sometimes we can shout at you
So it’s very clear
And very obvious
It’s in your face
But sometimes, and most of the time
It is very subtle
And what it asks from you
Is that you are on our wave length
So that means
You really do your daily practice
Of going into mediation
And being quiet
And truly let us guide you
Through little whispers

Now, most of the time you don’t listen
You just put your own mental image between us and yourself
And no matter what we try to tell you
Or no matter what we try to show you
You just hang on to your own preconceived mental image
Of how reality is going to be
Or has to be
Or should be
But how you want it to be
So then we have to sometimes
Really use force
We have to switch off power
We have to switch off internet
We have to do a whole lot of things
To sort of get that mental picture
That you hold on to so strongly
To get that out of the way
Sometimes we even have to
Make sure you miss your bus
Miss your train
Miss your plane
Your car breaks down
Your washing machine explodes
So your whole flat is flooded by water
So that you miss your train or your plane
Or your bus or your… whatever, involuntarily

Sometimes we really have to stop you in your tracks
Before you are willing to
And are able to
Listen to the whisper of that what we tell you
That subtle whisper
And why is it sometime so subtle
Well, listen
This is who we are
We are sometimes very subtle in our energies
And in our messages
This is our wavelength
The non-material wavelength
And you are here in your dense
Dense reality
Your dense, molecular denseness
So there is a lot of dense energy
In your world
And in your reality

And these subtle wavelengths
Do not always come through
Or most of the time
Don’t come through
So you also have to get, slowly
Attuned and adjusted and accustomed
To tune into our wavelength
We also challenge you to do this
We also invite you to do this
Because if you are in open communication with us
All the time
Your life is so much more easy
And you have very very little trouble
You are in flow constantly

And every time you are out of sync
And out of tune
And out of flow with us
Because you hold on to
Your preconceived strong mental picture
We have to sabotage you
And try to make you see
And make you listen
And make you hear
What is truly going on
And what it is that we want to help you with
Or how we want to help you

And this is a dance
Our dance with your material denseness
The density of your material world
It is a challenge
It is a dance
And it is a journey
For you and for us
But the good thing is
We are very very very patient
Because we love you
And we want you to succeed
We want you to closely work together with us
And we would love that you co-create with us
And we love to co-create with you
So we have patience

And, eventually, you will get the hang of it
It will become more and more and more easy
Your faculties will be sharpened
Will be attuned
Will be opened
Your intuition
Your sixth sense
This is how you call it in your world
Well, all that is being awakened
And tuned
And honed
And we teach you along the way
So eventually
You are getting better and better
And better at it
And we salute you for your patience
And your perseverance
And please salute us for our patience
And our perseverance

And we wish for you and for us
To meet in the middle
To fully meet in the middle and work together
For we love you
We love you dearly
And we will help you

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Spiritual Being - Mantra


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