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A Divine Message

A Divine Message

Through these whispers, speaks to you a divine voice
A divine energy
An evolved spirit

The messages I convey are not human
They are not man-made
Yes, I speak through a human
But the whispers themselves are not man-made
They are of divine essence

And it is divinity that is conversing and relating with you
We always seek to make contact with humankind
We have always done this
We have done this through the prophets
Abraham, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha
Teachers, teachings

We have always tried to converse with humanity
With the human
And sadly, you have never understood us well
You have made idols out of these prophets
You have idolized them
And you have written books about them in their name

And a lot of what we tried to convey through these prophets
Has been mutilated
Has been vandalized
And there is a lot of illusion and fantasy written by man
This is man-made
And a lot of it is fantasy and illusion

And we are sad to say this to you today
For we understand, many of you will give their life to defend this illusion
The holy books, the scriptures and the fantasy figures
you have made out of these prophets
Out of these messengers
While all they truly did was convey the essence of being human to you
And it was us speaking through them
It was us using them as a vessel to convey our message
And we still do this today
This whole concept of prophets is outdated
We have seen that this does not work
Because from it religions have come into existence
And these religions kill each other, murder each other
Are in war with each other
So religion is truly a very very very, well, it’s a sad affair, really
It is man-made

Religion has got nothing to do with what we want to convey to you
Because all we want to convey to you is that
You come into contact with your essence
With your true nature
And that you live your life in accordance with your essence
And all we bring to you is love and light and truth, your truth
We connect you with your truth

And this is what the prophets were all about
Connecting you with your truth
But all this got in the hands of ego and man
And it has been mutilated
It has been vandalized
And very very very little of the true essence of the message
Is nowadays present in these religions

For these religions now are so dogmatic
That people are willing to kill others in order to defend
Or to force their religion upon you
And this is truly sad because it will bring no good to this world
It will bring no good to humankind

And this is why we stopped conveying our message through prophets
And we now convey our message through many many many many souls
And our message has not been diluted
No, no, not at all, it is still the same message
Connect with your essence through love and light, through truth

And this is now known by many
Many many people on this earth understand this and live this
And convey our message through channeling
Through clairvoyance
Through whatever
There are many many ways in which we speak to you nowadays

So we have left this concept of prophets for the dogma kills the message
And of course all these religions will tell you that all this channeling
And all this clairvoyance and all this other new age hippie stuff is BAD
And is not good, and it’s from the devil
Of course, they try to defend their kingdom
They try to defend their fort but do not believe them
For we that convey this message to you have not changed
And our message has not changed

The essence of our message is that you connect with your true nature
And if your true nature is love and light
You will recognize this message and you will act upon it accordingly
And if it is not for you, this message
Then you will not even hear it
Or you will dismiss it, which is fine with us
This message is for those
Who want to hear it
Who can hear it
Who will hear it
And who will act upon it

For truly, all we want for you humans
For mankind, is happiness, is love, is contentment
And is living according to your true essence
Your God essence
For you are God yourself
Not all of you, but many of you
Many of you are from the God essence
And we invite you to reconnect
Or to connect consciously with this God essence
And it will bring you joy
It will bring you happiness
It will bring you fulfillment
And this is what we wish for you

This was our message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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