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Shame & Guilt

Shame & Guilt

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Today I would like to convey information to you about shame

And let it be noted that shame and guilt
Are like brothers and sisters
Or like brother and brother
Or sister and sister
They are related to each other that closely
Guilt and shame

And we have talked about guilt
And today we talk about shame
And you will notice that a lot of the underlying principles
Of the existence of shame
Are equal to those related to guilt
For shame can only exist
If there is something wrong with you
When you inhale the fact that
There is something wrong with you
When you accept that fact
And you as a child has learnt
That you are wrong
And that your behavior is shameful

And of course this is a lie
There is nothing wrong with you in the first place
You are whole
You are beautiful
And you are good exactly the way you are

But your parents
Your teachers
Your culture
Your religion
Has taught you that there is something wrong with you
And that the behavior you are displaying is shameful
Your authenticity
Your autonomy
Are all shameful
Your brightness
Your beauty
They are all shameful
If you do not belong to us
If you do not behave like us
If you do not think like us

And if you do not feel like us
There is something wrong with you
And you should be ashamed of the fact that
There is something wrong with you
This whole concept of wrong and right
Of being guilty
Of not being good enough
Of being wrong
It’s all a lie
It’s a very very limited concept of what you human beings
Consider to be the truth or the reality

As a spiritual being having a human experience
You are multi multi multi-faceted
Your behavior is multi-faceted
Your being is multi-faceted
Your whole energy field is multi-faceted
If you wish it to be so
But you have learnt to limit yourself so much
Limiting thoughts
Limiting beliefs
Limiting feelings
Limiting concepts
And guilt and shame are emotions
Put into you
To control you
And to put you into your place

Shame and guilt are truly two very strong emotions
To regulate your behavior
And the first thing that you will have to rid yourself of
If you want to be truly free
And truly loyal to your Essence
And live your Essence
You will encounter those two entities
Those two vibrations, guilt and shame
And you have to work through them
And see their deceitful nature
See the lie behind it
There is nothing that you have to be ashamed of
That you should be ashamed of
For there is nothing wrong with you

And if there is evil in you
And if there is behavior in you that harms others
This is unhealed material
These are unhealed layers
And to approach them
Through the entrance of shame and guilt
Will bring no healing at all
For it will keep that unhealed layer in its place
If you try to heal unhealed layers within you
With guilt and shame
There will be no healing there

So the first thing you have to take away
From every unhealed aspect of yourself is
Shame and guilt
Put them aside
And approach your unhealed material
Your unhealed layers
With an open mind
And approach them as they are
They are unhealed
And they are only an expression of this unhealed-ness
And the only way to heal them is
To bring love and light unto them

So whenever you encounter an unhealed layer
Or unhealed aspect within yourself
Say to that aspect
Or to that layer
I love you
I love you
And I am very sorry that you are so lonely
And that you are so dark
And that you are so angry
And that you are so sad
Or whatever the feeling is
Talk to that layer
Acknowledge that layer
See that layer and love that layer within you
That is an approach that will heal

If you encounter an unhealed layer within yourself
And you approach that layer
Through the entrance of guilt or shame
Nothing good will come from that
It will only stay the way it always was

So if you want to heal yourself
Work through the deception of guilt and shame
For they are a lie
And the only energy that can heal unhealed layers
Unhealed feelings
Unhealed patterns in you
Are love and light
And acceptance
And acknowledgement
Four very strong healing capacities
Love, light, acceptance, and acknowledgement

Acknowledge that the unhealed layer is there
Accept the fact that you are having unhealed layers within you
Unhealed patterns
Unhealed feelings
And love them
Love them and bring them to the surface
By saying out loud
I can see you
I can see your pain
I can see your longing
To be seen
To be heard
To be felt
And that is the way you bring them to the light

And only if you bring them to the surface
And if you bring them to the light
And if you love them
Only then can they heal
And this is what we wish for you

This was my message
Thank you

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