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Let’s contemplate on guilt

Let’s contemplate on guilt

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Today I would like to contemplate on guilt
The energy and the emotion of guilt

For many of you guilt is directly connected to
Parenting, to parenthood
You as a parent
But guilt is also for many of you connected to
Being a daughter or being a son
And guilt is always about not being enough
Not giving enough
Not doing enough
Not being enough
Not having enough
So guilt and shortage always go hand in hand
And when you feel guilty there is something wrong with you
There is something you do not do the way you should do it
And this is a very common feeling for you humans

Guilt, you also find guilt in many relationships
Women not giving their husband enough
Men not giving their woman enough
So again, shortage
Again, you not being enough
You not doing enough
You being wrong

And this whole concept of not doing enough
And being wrong is actually a trap
It’s not only a trap, it is also a misconception
For you are always enough
But the thing is
Your expectations
And your promises
And your connectedness to the other one
Makes you feel guilty
Or makes you think that you are guilty
But I have news for you

In a relationship
Whether it is with your children
Or whether it is with your spouse
Or whether it is with your parents
There will be always times and moments
That you will let the other one down
That you will not fulfill their expectation
That you will not keep your promise
That you will let them down, like I said
It cannot be avoided

Your son or your daughter is expecting you
To bring them a bicycle for Christmas
And you are being let down
You are being fired in the beginning of November
And you haven’t had a job for a month
And your finances are really diminishing rapidly
So instead of being able to buy a bicycle
Your really have to keep every euro, every dollar, every cent
In your pocket
So you give them something else
Something small
And they will be disappointed
That Christmas that I was expecting a bicycle
And I got a doll
All I got was this doll
And I can go on and on and on
Expectation and guilt go hand in hand

And the reality is
If you yourself believe
This reality of you not being enough
You not being good enough
You being wrong
You will always keep this lie of guilt going
For it is a lie
Guilt is a lie
You not being good enough
You not being enough
You being wrong
You not giving enough
You not doing enough
It is a lie
It is a lie you yourself believe
And that is why you let people down
Why you are not enough
And why you do not enough

The root cause of all this is that you yourself
You do not believe in yourself
You have this misconception
Of you not being enough
Of you not being good enough
So the root cause is lack of self-love
Lack of self-respect

The root cause is a racket you have against life
I am a father
I am a mother
And now I have children
And now I have to work
And now I have to be responsible
And now I have to work every day
And now I lost my freedom
And you resent that
You regret that
You have a racket against that reality

So you will underperform
And you will be letting people down
Why, because you yourself are not happy
With your situation
You are not happy with life
And being a son or a daughter
You will always let your parents down
For they expect things from you
That you simply cannot live up to
And you don’t have to live up to
It is their expectations

And because they expect things from you
That you cannot live up to
You resent them
Or it’s very hidden, it’s not openly
For you are also very loyal to your parents
But deep down you feel unloved
So you will do anything you can to prove them right
Not on a conscious level
This is all unconscious
But this is how it works

And the same in your marriage
The same in your relationship
If the other one expects things from you
That you cannot perform
That you cannot live up to
You resent that
And you will resist at some level
You will go into denial at some level
You will underperform at some level

So it is truly at that level
That there is a lack of self-respect
A lack of love for yourself
And that translates into you underperforming
You not being fully present
You letting the other one down
And this is where guilt kicks in
Because of this whole pattern
Of underperforming
Of not being good enough
Of resentment towards the other one
The whole guilt game
The guilt trap kicks in
And it’s a trap

And the only way you can rid yourself of this trap is to
Work on your self-respect
Work on your self-love
Work on your worthiness
Work on you loving yourself
And you loving life
And if your parents expect things from you
You do not want to live up to
You have to tell them
You have to address that issue
And stop being sweet
Stop being good
Stop behaving nicely

The same in your marriage
The same in your relationship
Stop pleasing the other one
Because you feel inadequate, stop
Work on your self-respect
Work on your worthiness
Work on loving yourself
And step out of the guilt trap
By being honest
And by telling yourself
I am worthy
I love myself
I am whole
I am strong
I am present
And so on and so forth

And the same with your children
You will let your children down
You will disappoint your children
And your children will let you know for sure
And you will feel guilty
And it’s a trap
Guilt is a trap
And guilt always reflects lack of self-love

So if you want to get rid of guilt
Start loving yourself more
And you can simply start with the mantra
I love myself today
I am worthy
I am whole
I am enough
I love myself today
And tomorrow
And always

This was my message
Thank you

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