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Being Fake

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Now, many of you who are walking on the path of
Spirituality, self-development, self-exploration
Many of you are playing your life

And what do we mean by that
You are faking to be spiritual
You are faking to be holy
But why fake it
Why not be real
Why not say, I do not understand this
Or I do not know this
Or I do not feel this
Or I do not recognize this

For if you choose to make the journey inwardly
Or if you choose to make the journey towards your essence
The last thing you need is
To pretend you are more or further or better or bigger
Than you truly are
Why would you have to prove to others that you are truly spiritual
Why would you have to prove to others
That you are committed to the cause of exploring your true path
Your truth
Why be busy with others
Why be busy with what others think or feel or say

If you truly choose to walk your own path
There is only one truth that is important
And that is your own true inner truth
And that is being truth and being true to who you truly are
For that is the only thing that you really should be concerned about
Does this bring me closer to me?
Does anything I say now
Or think now
Or feel now
Bring me closer to me
Is this fake?
Or is this real?
Am I showing somebody else that I am good enough?
Or am I feeling insecure
And am I feeling not enough
And if I do not feel enough
If I do feel insecure
Do I allow that to be?
Do I embrace that?
And do I love that within me
That is important that you embrace anything you feel
Even your fakeness
Embrace your fakeness
And love your fakeness
And say to your fakeness, I can see you
I can see you are trying to hide my insecurity
I can see you are trying to hide my smallness
Me feeling little and insignificant
And I love you
But I choose to feel what I feel
So embrace your loneliness
Embrace your insignificance
Embrace your feeling small
And love that, instead of trying to hide it
Behind a mask of fakeness
So, be real with yourself
Be honest with yourself
For it will bring you closer to you
Sooner and deeper

Within this light workers community
Awakening around the globe
We see a lot of lost souls
People seeking and searching
And people faking
And there is a lot of loneliness
Through trying to be somebody you are not
Truly, the only person you can ever become is YOU
So the sooner you realize that
And the sooner you start with that
The better you serve yourself
The better you take care of yourself
Lose the pretense
Lose the holiness
Lose the fakeness
Be real
For only if you are real with yourself
And with your sorrow
And with who you truly are
Only then will you stand a chance
To meet who you really are
To meet your essence

And we have said this many times before
There is no greater gift than connecting
With your true essence
For it is a home coming indeed
For your essence is light and love
And radiant and pure

Bless you
Bless you always
And may you find peace within you
Peace within your heart
And peace within your soul
May you find your Essence
This is what we wish for you

Thank you
This was our message

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Being Fake - Mantra

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