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Now, sadness is of course a very natural form
For humans to express grief
If a loved one dies
Or if a beloved animal dies
Or if something bad or huge happens
In their community
Or their country
Or their world
People are expressing their grief by sadness
Feeling sad
And this is a very vivid expression
This is a very fluid expression
But for many of you
There is also sadness that is related, again
To childhood layers
Childhood memory

And it is best to view this as a stack of paper
There is one stack of paper that is paper only
Let’s say the height of a brick
An average brick
And there is one stack of paper
That looks from the outside
As a normal pack of paper
The same like the other one
Also it has the height of a brick
But this is a different stack of paper
Because in-between there are colored pages
So the one stack is a fully white stack
And the other one
Although it is predominately white
There is a very fine line of blue
A very fine line of yellow
A very fine line of red
A very fine line of green
Of black
Of orange
Of black
Of green
Of blue
Of brown
So in-between these pages there is colored sheets
And from a distance you don’t see any difference
Two white stacks of paper
But the stack with the layers in-between
The colored layers in-between
That stack is you and your emotions
And the white paper is the now
It is you being in the present
You being here
And here now doing your thing
And all these colored layers is old feelings
And old memories

And every now and then
There happens something in the now
That triggers an old feeling
And in this case sadness
So your sadness of the past is triggered in the now
And that is exactly the difference between
The fully white stack of paper
And the stack with all the colored layering
The fully white stack is somebody
That has done the inner work and cleaned himself
Of old memories
So there is no more old feelings
Old emotions
Old unhealed emotions
Coming through
It is all white
It’s clean
It’s healed

And the stack where there is all these colored sheets
That’s the stack where there is unhealed emotion
Old unhealed wounding
And in this particular case
That translates as sadness
And sometimes it even translates as depression
For sadness in an ultimate stage becomes depression
And when does sadness becomes depression
When it is not expressed
And what is not expressed
The underlying emotion of sadness is anger
And a lot of people cover up their anger
By sadness
And in general sadness covers up anger

So if you are a melancholic person
That is not used to expressing strong emotions
And anger is a very vivid, and very alive
And very strong emotion
You are probably having a lot of sadness in your life
But once you start to heal that sadness
Before it becomes depression
Before it is so solid
And so dense that it can only become depression
If you start to heal that sadness
At some stage you will encounter anger
Because the underlying emotion is anger

Now, having said all that
Once you are in a depression now
It has already reached the state where the sadness is very dense
And how do you heal depression
Not by medication, no way
The only way is to trace it back
So where did the sadness start
And then you start to heal the sadness
And under the sadness you start to reach the anger
And once the anger comes out
You have not only healed the depression
You have also healed the sadness
And now you are healing the anger
You are releasing the anger
And this is how you heal
It is a process
That is why we say healing is process
It needs time
It is step by step

So this is sadness
Sadness is, when it is not general grief in the now
Always related to the past
And under the sadness there is the anger

And this was my message
Thank you

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