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Mental Slavery

Mental Slavery

Today I would like to address the energy of mental slavery
Mental slavery
Emotional slavery

It is an issue that has a place in many of your lives
Many of you suffer from a form of mental slavery
And suffer from a form of emotional slavery

And what do I mean by these words
What do they mean
It means that you are dependent on
Something or Somebody outside of you
Something or somebody needs to rescue you
Needs to come to your aid and needs to come to your rescue
For you yourself are powerless
And you yourself cannot save yourself
From whatever it is
And of course this is a misconception

The only one that can truly, in the end
Save you, is you yourself
You can save you
I do not say that only you can save you, but
If you cannot save yourself
And you need somebody else or something else to save you
Then you suffer from a form of mental or emotional slavery

This powerlessness
This despair
This hope of being saved
Makes you
And you know this
And you feel this
It makes you desperate
It can make you desperate
It can make you feel so powerless
And so small
And so childlike

And here lies the solution
Because a lot of your powerlessness
Was born while you were a child
It’s childish emotions never flourished
Or grown into adult emotions
So you still need that daddy or that mommy
Or Jesus or God, whatever you call your God
To save you, “Please save me”
“Save me”

And how can you empower yourself
How can you save that inner child of yours
And give it power in the now to save itself
How can you do that?
Can it be done?
Yes, it can be done!

And how do you do it
Whenever you feel desperate
Or whenever you feel hopeless
Or whenever you feel powerless
Or whenever you feel the need to be rescued
by somebody or something outside of you
A higher power, an authority
Go into yourself, meditate
Go into a meditative state
Go into yourself and picture that child
Picture that needy child
And talk to that child
And say to that child
I love you
Always start with, I love you
For this child lacks love
It suffers from the lack of love
And feeling supported
And feeling safe

So by saying, I love you, to the child
You give this child recognition
And that’s what this child needs
First of all it needs to be recognized
You do exist
You are beautiful
You are sweet
I love you
You are worthy
I love you
You are strong
I love you
You can do anything you want
You can do anything you phantom
I love you

And this feeling of despair
This feeling of hopelessness
This feeling of neediness
Let go
Let go
It is not yours to bear any longer
It is not yours to keep and hold any longer
Let go
You are worthy
You are whole
I love you
I love you

And whatever the feeling is
Whatever the memory is
Whatever the need is
Let go of it
Let go of it
It no longer helps you
It no longer…well, it’s no longer needed
Let go
It’s in the past
In the now you can choose another emotion
You can choose power
You can choose wholeness
You can choose worthiness

Choose strength
I love you
I love you

And by interacting with the child in this way
By talking to the child in this manner
You will heal this unhealed part of the child
It will not be done in one time
You need time and you need repetition to do this
Over and over again
And at some point
The wound is healed
The child is healed
The child is empowered
The child is strong
And the child has new words
New feelings
New power

And this is how you end emotional and mental slavery
It needs work
It is a process
It needs your attention
But if you want to rid yourself of mental slavery
And emotional slavery
This is the way to go

I do recommend this method
Good luck

This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Mental Slavery - Mantra


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