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Start by loving yourself more and money will follow

Start by loving yourself more and money will follow

Today I will speak to you about money
The nature of money
The love for money
The loathing of money

First of all, money on its own is nothing
It is only money
But your attitude towards money
Your attitude
Your view of money
Your attitude towards money
Decides how much money
Or how little money there is in your life
So to have money or to have a lack of money

To have an abundance of money or to have lack of money
Starts with you
With your attitude towards money

If every molecule, every cell in your body screams
You are welcome in my life
And I do not mean a welcome out of neediness
Or welcome out of want
Or welcome out of panic
I do not have money, so please money, be welcome
Oh, please, be welcome

This has got nothing to do with welcoming money
If your whole being radiates from your heart
From your soul
From your very core
The core of your being radiates, yes money
You are welcome in my life
Come and be beneficial
Come, you are welcome and I will use you well

I will treat myself well with money
I will treat others well with money
I will spread love and light around me with this money
Oh, then money wants to come and money will come in many ways, easy
Money will not be an issue.

And of course, there are people who are very mental
And their attitudes towards money is very mental
And yes, they are capable of accumulating money
Large amounts of money
But most probably they will not spread love with that money
They will spread more mental energy
Like buildings and shopping malls and things like boats and houses and cars
The material
They totally indulge in the material
Without any spiritual foundation
Without any human foundation

It’s all about the money
And it’s only about the money
And there is a coldness there
Often there is lack of love and true feelings and true being in the now
Being in the here and now
There is money yes, but there is not love

And then of course there are the people who are lacking money
Who are suffering
Who are wanting money
Who have large debts
Who do not have enough to eat
Who do not live in a good house
Who constantly have a lack of money
And a need for money
And a want for money
And to those people money most probably will not come

Because you can compare their whole attitude towards money with mercury
If there is a drop of mercury in front of you
And you try to grab that drop of mercury
It will slip through your fingers
You can never ever take the mercury from the surface into your hands
It will always stay on the surface
It will break into different drops, more drops
And this is the same with money if you really are needy towards money
Money will never come if you are needy towards money

Of course a little bit will come
But there will never come a breakthrough in your abundance
There will never come a constant healthy flow of money
When you are needy towards money

And then there are people who are poor
And who are okay with their poorness
This is how life is
Yes, of course they like money
And yes, of course they can buy bread with money and food with money
But money is really not an issue

If there is much money they spend it
If there is little money they make do
And their heart is big
And their heart is open
And they are very happy and sharing
Of the very little they have they still share
And this is because money in their life is no issue

They do not have big ideas
They don’t have neediness
They just take life as it comes.

So today, I speak to those who have a needy attitude towards money
The same neediness you have towards money is a neediness within you
It is the neediness of your inner child
Of your unhealed inner child
And the minute you start to go inward
And start to heal the neediness of this inner child
And you start to love this inner child
And you start to heal this inner child
And heal its neediness
You will see that your connection
Your relation with money
Will alter and change as you change

As your relation with your own inner child
With your own self changes
Your relation with money will change
As your relation with yourself will become more easy
More loving
More satisfying
Your relation with money will heal as well
Because your attitude towards money will change
And in that way, you open the way for money to come to you
You are more willing to welcome money and money will come
Because in the end
Money flows where love goes
Money goes where love flows

Not only there
But in the end
Money loves love
And money loves to be loved
And money loves to do good
Money loves that

Money loves to accumulate love
And to spread love
And to ooze love
To radiate love
Money loves that

Money doesn’t like to be evil
Money doesn’t like to be used for criminal purposes
Money hates that

Where love flows, money goes
So if there is lack of money in your life
Start by loving yourself more and money will follow
This is a law
It’s a law of nature

This was my message

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