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Money & Debts

Money & Debts

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Today I would like to talk to you about debt

So, owing money to somebody
And whether it is a human
Or it is an institute, for instance like a bank
The underlying principles are the same
But if you owe money to a person
That what I am about to say to you is strong

The minute you owe somebody money
You are not free anymore
And those of you who have had this experience
Know that this is true
At some level the other person
Now has the right to interfere in your life
So you are truly giving up your independence
It doesn’t necessarily mean that the other person
Will interfere in your life but he or she can
And most of the time, people will

So this whole feeling of independence and freedom
Is being cut off
Is being stopped
Is being silenced
You suddenly feel not free
You suddenly feel attached to the other person
In a way that you do not like
But it can’t be helped because you owe them money
So you will have to endure the feeling
The negative feeling
The negative strings attached
With owing them that money

So with owing people money
There are always strings attached
It is not only a popular saying
It is also a reality
On a vibrational level
On an energy level
There is truly indeed strings attached
And you can feel the pull of these strings
And you can feel how these strings interfere with
Your independence
Your autonomy
Your freedom
And it is unpleasant

So whether you borrow money from your friend
Or borrow money from your parents
Or borrow money from your brothers or sisters
Or neighbor
Or any other family member
Or a very good friend
There will always be consequences
There will now be invisible strings

And for you to be fully free in life
It is important that you do not owe anybody anything
As far as money is concerned
For if you do not owe anybody any money
You are truly independent and free
You can choose to do whatever you want to do
You can face anybody and say, hi, how are you
You do not feel dependent
You do not feel like you have to explain yourself
You do not feel like you have to be quiet

Let’s say you owe somebody some money
And you haven’t been able to pay them back for a while
So you are behind in payments
And at the same time
You are very tired
You have worked hard
And you need a holiday
Now, to go on that holiday
And enjoy that holiday
While in the back of your head
You know you are behind with your payments
You will avoid telling that person you are going on a holiday
And if you do tell them they will judge you
They will say, hey, how come you go on a holiday
You still owe me money
You are behind with your payments
And now you’re gone on a holiday
So you obviously have money to go on holiday but
You do not have money to pay me
People will do this
People will say this
And you will feel this
So you are not free
You are feeling bound
So you have to always think twice
And you have to always be diplomatic
And you have to always be careful
With what you say and what you do
Because you owe the other person money

Now, this has got nothing to do with you being free
And you being independent
So to owe somebody money
Is not without consequences
And this whole process inside of you
Of owing somebody money
Maybe you think you need this money
You need this money to run a business
Or you need this money to buy a car
Or you need this money to buy a house
That might be so
But always think twice whether you want the consequences
Want to accept the consequences
That come with this owing the person money

If you don’t like the consequences
And if you don’t like the strings attached
Then don’t accept the money
Don’t even ask for the money
And some people have to find out that this is true
And this is how it works by experiencing it
So if that is the case, go and borrow the money
And experience what it feels like
To have strings attached
To feel dependent
To feel not free

And if you are in this pattern
Where you can only survive by borrowing money
We suggest you stop this pattern
Stop it today
And decide for yourself
I will never ever ever borrow money again
And instead of borrowing money
Start to make do with the money that is there
So you might have to limit your expenses
You might have to change your lifestyle
Yes, that is true
You might have to buy less stuff
Less gadgets
Yes, that is true
But if you want to change the pattern
Break the pattern
You obviously will have to change something

And after you decide that I will stop borrowing money
I will stop accumulating debts
This is where your life will change
From then on
Your life will change, truly
It might take a while
Your life has to go through hardship
But eventually
Your independence and your freedom will grow
You are no longer dependent
You are no longer unfree

And instead of borrowing money
Start to ask us for help
Help me
Help me to live my life
Without borrowing money
Without accumulating debts
In my life
Help me to be free
Help me to be independent
Help me to generate
To materialize
And make my own money

And even if there is somebody in your family
That is giving you money all the time to support you
There is always strings attached
You will have to say thank you
And there is nothing wrong with saying thank you
But there is something wrong with the strings
Maybe the other one is buying your love
Or buying even your dependency
Maybe the other one loves to be…
Well maybe the other one loves the attention
Loves it when you have to say thank you
Not on a conscious level
This is all unconscious
But be aware

Even if somebody is supporting you for free
Donating money into your life
It is never without strings attached
So the other one suddenly has this feeling
Now they can interfere in your business
Now they can judge you
Now they can say, why are you doing this
They can question your actions
And does that makes you feel free
No not at all
Does it make you feel dependent
Yes, it does

And of course you will benefit from this money
So you are not willing to let go off that money
Because it’s easy money
But it’s not
It’s not easy money
It keeps you away from independence
It keeps you away from freedom
You are not free

So if that is something that you have in your life
Stop it
Stop it and take the consequences
And turn your life around
Make your own money
Be free
Be independent
And ask us for help
We will gladly help you

This was my message
Thank you

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