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Money and fear go hand in hand

Money and fear go hand in hand

Today I would like to talk to you about fortune
Good fortune

Why is it that some people have good fortune
And what is it
You see, the thing with money
Is that money likes to be happy
Now, that sounds funny
Doesn’t it
As if money has a choice

And truly, you see
The thing with money is that
Money reflects energy
And for a lot of people
Money and fear go hand in hand
There is a fear of shortage of money
Loss of money

In general
It’s an internal fear that people have
And it’s a fear that is not trusting the process
That is not surrendering to life
That is not letting go
And letting flow
It is a basic fear that tries to control life
Tries to control the course of life

And that fear
That fear for life itself
For the unexpectedness
For the not knowing
For the uncertainty
That basic human fear
People project upon money
So, for a lot of people
Money and fear go hand in hand
And the thing with money is
If there is fear around money
Money doesn’t like to come

Of course if you have a good job
And you make
Let’s say, three or five or eight thousand Euros a month
Then that job will give you that money
And of course, you will be able to save money
And you will be able to accumulate money
Because you have so much money
But the fact that you have
Let’s say, one hundred thousand Euros
In your bank account
It doesn’t mean that money flows easily
Into your life and out of your life
There can still be a lot of fear
Around you having that money

So even if you have money
One hundred thousand
Two hundred thousand
One million
Five million
Ten million
You can still be very very very afraid
Of losing that money
Not having enough money
What will happen to my money tomorrow
And basically, it’s this fear for life itself
For you, not fully being in the now
And fully flowing
And surrendering
And trusting

And fortune
What has fortune got to do with this
Because some people do have fortune in their life
Well, the thing with fortune is
Fortune and lightness, happiness
Go hand in hand
If you are able to trust life
To be fully relaxed in the now
Whether you have a lot of money
Or no money at all
You are just in the now
Inwardly and outwardly feeling safe
Trusting that the universe has your back
Trusting that life is good
Trusting that people are good
Trusting that you are able
Basically, fully being in alignment
And in accordance with who you are on this earth
Your life purpose
Your destiny
Your stream of life

If you can dance with all that
With your self
With life
With all the unexpectedness
With the uncertainty
If you can dance with that fully
One hundred percent
Trustingly dance with that
Then if you bring money into that field
Money will come to you very easily
So fortune can befall on you very easily

The thing with money is
Money likes to be around happiness
Money likes to be around lightness
Money likes to come
And to go
And to flow
And if you want money to come
And you do not want money to go

You can tweak that
You can tell money
Listen, I want you to come more
Than that you go
So then you will accumulate money
And that money will be happy money
Easy money

And you will start to do nice things with that money
The happiness
And the lightness
And the love surrounding that money
Will ooze from that money
And will give more of that
So you most probably will start projects
Helping people
Working together with people
Being creative
Being inspired
And your money becomes bigger and bigger
And bigger and bigger

And in a way, money is not at all the issue
You trusting life
You being light
You being happy in the now
And of course, being clever
Money also likes cleverness
Money is creative
Money likes creativeness
Money likes to flow
And to grow
And to be adventurous

The energy of money
Is the energy of adventure
So fortune is really
Almost an energy
A mentality
A way of life

If you are able to dance with life
If you are able to dance with yourself
In the now
Trust me
In that spirit
Money loves to come to you
All you have to say is
Hey money, come
You have to invite money

You see, if you are fully happy in the now
Dancing and being one with yourself
And you don’t care about money
Then why would money come
You still have to invite money
You still have to say, come
Let’s dance together
And let’s do great things for this world
For me
For my life
For my family
For everybody else
Let’s grow
Let’s flow together
Now, that’s fortune
That is fortune

If you want that kind of life
Meditate on it
Meditate on it and ask us
Ask the universe to help you
With attaining and reaching that state

So, first of all, ask us for help
To clean and heal your fear of money
Your fear of losing money
Your fear of not making enough
Your fear of not having enough
Your fear of shortage
Your fear of lack
This is inside of you
It’s a process inside of you that needs healing
It’s a layer inside of you that needs healing
And once that is healed
And you start to trust life
You start to trust the process of life
The rhythm of life
You start to trust you
You start to let go
And go with the flow
And be in the moment

Once you attain that state of being
Then invite money
And then see what happens
You will be amazed

We wish for you that you dance with money
And that money easily comes to you
And stays with you
And then that you co-create a beautiful life
Together with money
We wish that for you


This was my message

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