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Loyal to self in relation to money

Loyal to self in relation to money

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Feel the truth of this what I’m saying here
In your relationship with money there are aspects
Where you are not loyal to self
Where you are loyal to
Patterns that are unhealthy
That are not serving you
That are disloyal
To who you are
To what you need

And this is a fact
The only thing you have to do is
Acknowledge it
And look at it
Acknowledge it because it is so
In your relationship with money
You are not loyal to self

And who are you loyal then to
Who are you loyal to
That is not always clear
And in a way it is not even important
It doesn’t necessarily matter
Maybe you are loyal to ancestral energy
For many of you this is the case
Your current relationship with money
Has got an ancestral relation
So there is a connection there with
Ancestral energy
And whether it is so or not
It really doesn’t matter
The thing is
How do you make the shift from not being loyal to self
In relation to money
How do you make the shift to totally being loyal to you
In relation to money

So, first it needs acknowledgement
You are not loyal to self
When it comes to money you are not loyal to self
You are serving somebody else or something else
Acknowledge it
And then comes the wish to change that
If there is no wish to change it, it will not change
That’s very simple
So you have to state out loud, enough
I have had enough of this pattern
I do not want it anymore
I wish to be loyal to me
I wish to be loyal to self
In the relation to money
So that is the second thing
The wish to change it
The wish to make that shift

And then comes the third step
You have to work your wish every day
So you have to tell us, your spirit tribe
That you want to change this
And you have to tell us every day
Remind us but more so remind yourself
And you have to develop mantras where you say
I am loyal to self in the relation to money
I embrace healthy habits in the relation to money
I am loyal to me
I am loyal to myself in the relation to money
Mantras like that
You have to find your own strong mantras
Where you develop a totally new pattern
And gradually the whole vibrational field will shift
From you not being loyal to self
In the relation to money
It will shift to you being loyal to self
In the relation to money

And by daily working on that shift
That shift will eventually come
And you will trade the old unhappy pattern
For a new pattern that is healthy
Where you are truly serving yourself
And it will take time
It might even take years
But that is not important
Important is that you are willing to make the shift
That you are working on making the shift
And that you do this daily

So that whole vibrational field around you
In the relationship to money is changing
Your thoughts will change
Your feelings will change
Your needs will change
Your creativity will change

For the situation you are in now
Seems impossible to change
You are, sometimes even feeling imprisoned
Like it’s almost a spell
There is no way that you can change this
So it’s heavy
It’s a burden
But to change that whole vibrational field
That whole consciousness
That whole pattern
That heavy dense materialized,
That almost frozen pattern
To shift that
And to melt that
And to make it fluid
And to make it go in a different direction
That needs a lot of work from you
And from us
But it can be done
If you choose to change it
And you choose to work on it everyday
It will change
So all you have to do is choose change
I am done with this
I am done with this
And although I cannot see right now
How it will change
Although I can even not believe
That it will change
That it is possible for it to change
Yet I do choose change
For I do not wish to live like this any longer

And this is where your journey starts
You have to make the decision
That you do not want it anymore
And then you do the work, every day
Every day, every day
You say your mantras
You talk to your spirit guides
You meditate
And you work on this new reality
And eventually
This new reality will come into your life
Will materialize
And it will change
The whole pattern of you not being loyal
To yourself in the relation to money
That whole vibrational field will change
And you will develop healthy patterns
Where your relationship with money is healthy
Is mature
And is healed

And this is what we wish for you
We wish you courage
And we wish you patience
And we wish you much love

This was our message
Thank you

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