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If money is an issue

If money is an issue

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Money is one of the hardest things for a human to deal with
Besides love
Look in your life
Love, pain, and money

Are very very hard to deal with
And I would like to focus and concentrate on the issue of money today

Now, the thing with money is
It is actually not hard at all
That energy of money can be dealt with very easily
It doesn’t need much from your side
From you, being a human
Being a spiritual being in a human form
It doesn’t need much from you
To master dancing with money
For it is a dance truly

And what most of you are doing
Is boxing with money
Fighting with money instead of dancing with money
So take off your boxing gloves
Take off your karate suit
Put on your dancing shoes
And start dancing with money

And I sounds easy
Doesn’t it
It sounds as if you can choose
And truly this is where it all starts
You CAN choose
So leave the fighting arena
That is the first thing you can actually picture
As a mental picture
Picture yourself in a boxing arena
In a boxing ring
And picture money being your opponent
And you try to knock out money
You try to KO money

This is what most people are doing
They are fighting money
And beating money up
And really trying to uppercut money
So picture yourself being in that fighting ring
In that boxing ring
And picture yourself beating up money
If you have any money problem in your life
That is exactly what you are doing

And now picture yourself leaving that boxing ring, literally
In your mind’s eye, picture it
And you go to your dressing room
You take off your boxing shoes
Your boxing pants
Your boxing gloves
You take a shower
You dress up fine, nicely
You put on beautiful pants
Or a beautiful skirt, if you are a girl
Whatever you fancy
You put on your finest dress
I don’t care what it looks like
As long as it is your finest dress
And then you put on your dancing shoes
And again, I don’t care how they look like
They should be your finest dancing shoes
The one that you come up with in your mind’s eye

And now picture yourself in a ballroom
And now picture money as being your dance partner
And whatever you fancy
Let it be a beautiful woman
Or let it be a beautiful man of your liking
And fall in love
Start to dance
Feel her or his body
Feel her or his warmth
Feel her of his presence
And feel how you fall in love
Fall in love with your dance partner
And dance
The stars from the sky
You and your dance partner
Are the center of the universe
And you are dancing the dance of dances
You forget about time
You forget about space
You forget about daily life
You are just dancing
And enjoying
And being in the now, fully now

And now, picture that partner
In a dress that is entirely made of
Dollar bills or Euro bills or any bill you fancy
But money
So instead of him having a beautiful suit
It is a suit made out of money
Or instead of her having a beautiful dress
It is a dress made out of money
So make it real in your mind’s eye
You are dancing with a dance partner, money

And do this every time that you feel
You are fighting with money
You are beating up money
Change the picture
All you have to do is
Walk out of the arena
Walk out of the boxing ring
And walk into the ballroom
And start to dance with your new love
Your new partner
Your new amazing partner
And let yourself be taken away
On the waves of happiness
And joy
And timelessness
And this is how you fall in love with money
This is all it needs
You picturing it
And you picturing it frequently, daily
Multiple times daily
And this is how you change your reality
And see what will happen to you
You will be amazed

This was our message
Thank you

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