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Do you have healthy relationship with money?

Do you have healthy relationship with money?

So today I would like to talk to you about money

For many of you do not have a healthy relationship with money
Most of the time you do not have enough money
You are longing for money
You are craving for money
Or if you do have money
You spend it too easily

And underneath your relationship with money
You can find a few simple rules
A few simple truths

Rule or truth number one is this:
If you want money in your life
If you want more money in your life
There is one simple solution
You have to start to love money
If you do not love money
If you in fact are afraid of money
Or hate money
Or reject money
If you would rather want to live in a world
Where money has no importance
Then it’s simple
Money will never come to you
Because you reject it
And money is very very sensitive
To how you feel about it

If you love money
And I do not mean greed
I mean simply, you are totally okay with money
For you realize that money is the oil that makes your life
More simple
More easy
More smooth
More comfortable
More creative
And more free
It’s a simple realization
And once you accept it
Accept that reality
And you say, okay
I am fully okay with money
I love money to come to me
For me to use that money
And to work with that money
Then you open the door
Or one of the doors
There is another door

The state of money in your life now
Whether there is a lot of money
Or little money
Or ‘run & go’ money
It is always a reflection of how you value yourself
How you truly value yourself
Deep down inside
If you have a lot of self doubt
And self-hatred
Well if you punish yourself with thoughts
And feelings of not being enough
Then lack of money will be a reflection of that emotion

So this is the second truth
The minute you start to love yourself more
And value yourself more as a human
And you start to take your rightful place in this world
You allow yourself to be here
To fully be here in the now
And to tell yourself that it is fully okay that you are here
For you are beautiful
And you are!
The mere fact that you are here means that you belong here
Now, in this life, in this world

So the minute you start accepting that as a fact
Start to love being alive
And love living
And accept that you are living in this world
The way the world is
And you start to connect to the reality of you being here
Then eventually that reality will reflect
And it will show up as a more harmonious relationship with money
Amongst other things
That’s one of the reflections you will get back
So these things are actually very important
And maybe the most important

First of all you have to love money
Accept money
And then love money

And second of all
You have to accept yourself
And come to grips with the fact that you are living here
Right now
And that you are alive
And accept that
And appreciate that
And start to love that
And then start to love yourself
And the reflection of that will be shown to you
In the amount of money you have in your life

And thirdly
Ask for money
Very simply, ask
I want money
I need money
So help me with this money
Help me to materialize
One thousand
Two thousand
Three thousand
Four thousand
Ten thousand
One hundred thousand
Dollar, Euro, Yen, whatever
Help me to materialize this money
Help me to attract this money

So you ask for help
And you name a very specific amount
And do not worry about realistic or non realistic
You just ask for the amount you need
And do not limit it in any way, shape or form
It will come to you
Don’t limit the way it will come to you
Because the way it will come to you is up to the Universe
And not up to you
So it can come through your bank account
It can come from your work
It can come from your enterprise
But it can also come from a gift, an inheritance, whatever
Maybe you find a suitcase filled with money
So don’t worry about the how
Just ask for the amount
Ask for the help
And ask for it to materialize in your life
In your world

And if you work on these three things
Not for a day
Not for a week
Not for a month
But ongoing
Eventually your relationship with money will change
And money will start to flow and to come to you
For money now knows, hey, I am welcome here
This person wants me
This person needs me

And that, my friends, is all there is to it
Of course, there is much more to it
But this is a start
So if you start with this
Already your relationship with money will change

And we wish for you to have a healthy, happy relationship
With money
It will contribute to you living the life
You want to live
Living the life you deserve

This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Do you have a healthy realtionship with money

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