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Your breath is your foundation

Your breath is your foundation

Today I would like to talk with you about the importance of breath
It’s the basis of everything you do
From the minute you are born
Till the minute you die
There is breath
All of your life
Lifelong, breath

And your breath is your mirror
It is your teacher
It is your mirror
It is your anchor

And why is breath your teacher
If you sit quietly
On a chair or you lay down on your bed quietly
Or you sit in mediation position
Lotus position
And you close your eyes
And you are witnessing your breath
Do not concentrate on your breath
Because this is a doing
Be a witness
Be still and be a witness
And then witness how your breath moves
How your breath travels

And where is your breath in your body
Is it high up in your breast
Is it quick
Is it slow
Is it deeper in your mid section
Or even deeper in your belly

There are many areas you can breathe into
Of course, automatically, the body breathes in the lungs
It goes up and down
It goes up and down
In and out
Through the lungs
This is without knowledge and without technique
But there is a way of connecting with yourself
Through your breath
And this is done by focusing your breath in your belly
So try it
Try it

Bring your breath into your belly
So instead of breathing in your lungs
You breathe in your belly
At first your upper belly
Then you try to go deeper and deeper
To the lower belly
And do that for a while

And you will notice that your breath becomes
Deeper and slower
And you will notice that you become calmer, calm, relaxed
And then if you want to go even deeper
You can breathe into your pelvic area

That old pelvic base
If you breathe in there
You breathe safety
You breathe deep, deep relaxation
And not only deep relaxation but also belonging
You belong
You belong here on earth
You belong here in yourself
You belong

And of course, it asks exercise from you
You have to do it
You first have to start with your lungs
And then you slowly go deeper and deeper and deeper
And deeper and deeper
The lower belly, even deeper in your pelvic area
The whole base chakra area
The root base chakra area
And as you breathe into your root chakra area
The pelvic area
Let go
Let go of all the tension
And all the anxiety
Even muscular tension that is there
So you really let go
Let it all go
And let your breath
Your flow of breath into that area
It really needs exercise
But you can do it
You can do it daily
You will eventually reach that area with your breath
Consciously breathe into your root chakra area
Base area
Pelvic area

By doing that, by relaxing all the muscles that are there
And all the tension
And all the anxiety
And the trauma
You can heal that with your breath
Because the more easy and the more freely
And the more deeply you can breathe
The more freely and the more easy
And the more relaxed you will be
It will give you inner freedom
It will give you inner healing

And on your way down with your breath
You will encounter emotional blockages
Mental problems
You can dissolve these emotional and mental blockages
By breathing, keep on breathing
The breath will bring up the blockages
And witness
Witness what you see
And then heal that

And decide if you want to heal that yourself
Or if you want help with healing that
If you want help, go and seek somebody
That can help with these issues
And it is the breath that brings it up
So instead of holding your breath
And denying it is there
You breathe into it
Bring it up, and it comes to life
It comes to the surface
And then it can be healed
You can heal it, if you wish, if you choose

This is a very very very strong way of healing yourself
Through your breath
Healing and breathing into your emotional blockages
Your physical blockages
Even your psychological blockages
They will come up and you just breathe

And they will surface
And then you look at them
You witness what is coming up
This anger
This pain
This sadness
These neurotic thoughts
Yes, witness it
Look at it
See what is coming up

And then go to the root cause of that what happened
That what you see
Go to the root cause
Go to the inner child layer where it started
And heal that part
Ask the child, what do you need
And give the child what it needs

And if you can’t do that yourself
Go and seek somebody that can help you with that
Heal yourself, by doing that, by breathing
The simple technique of breathing
You will eventually heal all layers
And you will reach that root chakra area
That pelvic, base area

And once it’s relaxed there and you can really breathe into that area
You can do anything
You can do anything, because you are free of unhealed layers
You feel more you
You feel more free
You feel more happy
You feel balanced
You feel stronger
All the benefits of a healed human being
Will be yours
Through the simple technique of breathing

And it’s the breathing combined with witnessing
It’s very subtle
There is no heavy breathing
There is no three times this
And four times that
And then let go
And then hold for ten minutes
And then do it again
No, no, no, no

It is very gentle
Just be with the breath
In and out, up and down
A natural rhythm
Bring that rhythm and bring that breath
Deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper
Deeper and deeper
And witness what comes up

Sometimes it’s very subtle; it’s like a whisper
The whisper of your soul
The whisper of the unhealed layer
So it needs exercise
And it needs attention
Take it on face value
Don’t make it to be anything it is not
If there is anger, it is anger
If there is sadness, it is sadness
If there is grief, it’s grief
If there is loneliness, it’s loneliness
That’s what it is

And then connect with your inner child
What can I do for you dear child
Sweet child, what can I do for you
And the child wants to be recognized
Wants to be held
Wants to be loved
Wants to feel welcome
It’s always that
Through the simple technique of breath, breathing
You can heal yourself

It needs exercise
It needs patience
It can be done
Try it
Do not try it for a day
Do not try it for a week or a month
Try it for a year
And you will be amazed at the results
and the progress you will make

This was my message


The MANTRA for today is:

Breath - Mantra


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