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Wisdom of Silence

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It is time for a series of whispers from now on
We will be working in blocks
In groups, ordered

Most of all, it is a choice
The minute you choose silence
As an entrance towards wisdom
Knowledge, knowing
It already is there present to help you
And to guide you
So all you have to do is say out loud
I choose silence as a vehicle
To explore my own inner wisdom
That is the intention that you start your journey with

And then, of course
You do the three step rocket to happiness
That is, close your eyes
Ground yourself, and breathe
Follow your breath, witness your breath
And let your breath bring you inside
Inside of you
Inside to the stillness and the quietness of you

And there you will connect with your wisdom
And your knowing, your inner peace
And there we will meet you, your spirit tribe
If you invite us
And there we will bring you knowledge
And insights
And healing
If you invite us
And if you want that

This was our message for today
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Wisdom of Silence - Mantra

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