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What is grounding?

What is grounding?

The whisper of today is very instructive, very practical
It is about grounding
It is about making contact
Consciously making contact with earth
With mother earth

And for those of you who have not done this before
I will give you a very practical instruction

Whenever you are in a crowd
Let’s say in an office space or in a school situation
Or in a restaurant or in the subway waiting for the Subw
Consciously feel your feet touching the ground
And then imagine that the concrete you are standing on
The street you are standing on or the building you are in is earth
Mother earth, sand, rocks, grass
Earth, where the worms dwell, that earth

So imagine you are in the subway
In the tube waiting for the subway
And you are standing or sitting
And all you have to do is feel your feet
Be aware of the fact that you are connected to mother earth

Another example, you are walking in the city
You are walking the streets of your town or city
And you are in a supermarket and it is busy
There is a long queue at the till and you have to wait for a while
Feel your feet
Ground yourself, feel your feet
And imagine, picture, yourself standing on sand, on rocks, on grass
Connect yourself to mother earth

And once you do this and you get the hang of it
And you exercise this a while
Not after a day
Not after the week
Maybe after a month
After two months of consciously doing this several times a day
That’s key, consciously doing this several times a day
You will find that whenever you ground yourself
Connect yourself consciously to mother earth
You will become instantly peaceful

The inner turmoil
Your inner turmoil, if it’s even there
Supposedly, let’s say it’s there, your in inner turmoil
The minute you feel your feet
And you picture yourself
Touching sand
Touching rocks
Touching grass
Notice how you instantly become calm and clear
Your mind is clear
Your emotion is clear
And you are calm
You are centered

So there is a connection between you connecting yourself to earth
And you feeling at peace with yourself
And not only at peace with yourself
The next step is, you will feel at peace with the world
With the earth
With the people, the people around you

And from this grounded, connected position
Look at people
Look in their eyes
Look them in their eyes and smile
And you will notice how people are closed up
And scared
And withdrawn

And some people will respond
They will smile back at you
And you will actually make their day
Because there was a human being connected to mother earth
Connected to him or herself
And from that space, connected to another person
So you reached out to another person
And you made conscious contact by smiling and looking them in the eye
This is very powerful

To connect from a connected state with somebody else
And all you have to do is send love and light to them
Look them in their eyes
Smile at them
Let them know, hey, you are loved
There is love and light every where
And there is love and light for you as well
Because it is there for all of us

If this is how you start to live your life
First by connecting yourself to mother earth
Build upon that experience
Expand that experience
And then feel how you become connected with you
That’s actually the second stage
And then the third stage, you reaching out to other people
You sending people, consciously, love from this connected state
This is irresistible
You will scare some people
You will scare them off
They might even become aggressive or hostile
Then turn away, walk away

Do not provoke people with a gaze
Do not provoke people with love and light
Offer it, it’s a voluntary process
You do not have to force it
It is not “You need love and light so I will give you love and light”
No, no, no, no, no force here
Only from a connected state
From inner peace
A gentle offering

And if the other person accepts, there is beauty
There is beauty for seconds
There is magic
You might even start to talk with the other person
And it will be a lively conversation
And you will have heart to heart contact which is priceless, beautiful
And then you part by wishing each other a beautiful day, priceless

Let love and light flow in this world
It is needed
It is truly needed
But never force it down somebody’s throat
It doesn’t work
It doesn’t work that way
Offer it gently
And if the other person accepts, beautiful
If they decline, beautiful
Nothing can disconnect your connection with mother earth
And with yourself
And with love and light
No human can do that

If you are grounded
If you are centered
If you are consciously connecting with love and light
There is no human being who can disrupt that
Or take that away from you
Not even at gun point
Unless you become scared and then you disconnect
Feel, feel that, feel how you sometimes disconnect
And feel the difference between being connected and being disconnected
There is a big difference

And that’s also a secret
Whenever you feel disconnected
All you have to do is reconnect with earth
And instantly you will notice, hey, I reconnect with earth
I reconnect with my center
I center myself
I am centered
I reconnect with love and light
It’s that simple

There is a huge difference between living disconnected
Or living connected
And I can tell you, living connected gives much more satisfaction
And rich and deep human experiences
And we truly wish that for you
That you have many of those truly human experiences

This was my message for you
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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