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Travel with a mantra

Travel with a mantra

Today I would like to explain something to you
About the nature of a mantra

In our Whispers we often intertwine a mantra
And why is that
A mantra is a sentence
A positive, vocalized sentence
A positively worded sentence
That gives you truth, strength
And that can serve you as an anchor
As an anchor to ground you
But also to pull you into a certain reality
Into a realm

A mantra is there for you to open up to
A part of you that is now closed
That is now unaware
And can be opened
And can come to life
And can gain consciousness and knowledge
Through a mantra
And this is why we say
Travel with a mantra

Of course you can listen to a mantra one time
You can like that mantra
And you can even write that mantra down
You can even post that mantra on your Facebook page
But only liking that mantra one time
And letting that mantra do its work for you
Only one time
Will not give you great benefit
Hardly any benefit

You will be inspired
You will feel good for a very short time
And then you forget about the mantra
And life goes on
And you go on
But to truly travel with this mantra
Say it out loud
Or say it within your self
One time
Two times
Fifty times
One hundred times a day
And not like a robot
Not mechanically
Not automatically, on automatic pilot
No, with real feeling
And real connection

What is this mantra that was so appealing
The first time I heard it
What secrets does it have for me
What in me does it open up
What in me becomes alive
Comes to life
When I let this mantra, slowly, bit by bit, sink into me
When I really start to understand
The nature of what is being said here
What is being meant here

So we suggest you travel with this mantra
For several weeks
Maybe even months
To let all the secrets of this mantra
Really open up to you
All the hidden treasures
Within the realm of that mantra
May they show themselves to you
And make themselves available to you
This is what we call travelling with a mantra

So this truly goes beyond being inspired for five minutes
And posting it on your Facebook page for one minute
And getting forty likes
And three hearts
And five wows
You know, this is superficial
This is nice but it will make no difference
And that is what these Mantras are truly there for
To make a difference in your life
But for them to be able to make that difference
You have to travel with them
And let their wisdom
And their depth really sink into you
And open up your being to it

So a mantra is truly an anchor
An anchor to connect you
With an aspect of your essence
With an aspect of your soul
That you did not know anything about before
And now that you are opening up to that reality
That reality comes to life
And shows up in your daily life
In your consciousness
In your awareness
And it will change you
It will transform you
It will bring you knowledge
This is the wisdom, the truth
And the knowing we talk about

In many Whispers we have used these three words
Wisdom, truth and knowing
And in each and every mantra
There is Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth
And for you to open up to that truth
To that knowledge
To that wisdom
And for that wisdom
That knowledge and that truth
To show itself to you is very beneficial
And like we said
Life transforming

So give it a try
If there is any mantra
Any sentence
That really inspires you
Or strikes you
Or hits you for a minute
For two minutes
For three minutes
Pick that mantra and start to travel with it
For a longer period
And see what opens up
See what was hiding in the first place
And what is now becoming visible
And available
It’s like a gift
Like a present
Like a gem
Like the scent of a flower


This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Travel With Mantra - Mantra


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