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The sound of silence

The sound of silence

And I suggest you try this at home first
And once you are comfortable with it
Try it in public places

And start slow
Start with one hour, two hours, three hours
Of silence
Of not speaking
Of not reading
Of not watching T.V or listening to music
Of not even writing
Just the sound of silence
Yes, you may walk in nature
This exception I will grant you

No reading
No writing
No watching
No listening
Just you being present with you
And the world
And your dog
And your cat
And your bird
And even your children
Your husband
Your wife
Your partner
Your friend
Your mother
Your father
So another being but in silence from your side

And if they ask you a question
You will not respond
You will just be quiet
You will not speak to them
You will not engage with them
Not one word

This is an exercise
To practice silence
And feel and experience its effect on you
Do you like it
Do you hate it
Do you want to respond to the other person
And is it difficult to refrain from reacting or is it easy
Is it just being quiet and staying in that state of being
Try it

You will soon find that it’s a form of a meditative state
Being silent in the face of daily living, daily life
And once you have mastered this inside your own home
Try it while doing some shopping
Or try it being in a restaurant
So instead of saying can I have this dish
You will point out a dish and you will nod friendly
And you will smile at the waiter
But you will not speak
You will not say good morning
You will not
You will not say good evening
You will not
Very friendly
Very open

People even may think, Oh this lady is mute
Or this man is mute
So be it, let them think what they want
You are just practicing silence

And as you chew your food in silence
In this meditative state
You will enjoy your food more
You will enjoy the sounds around you more
You will enjoy silence more

Play with silence
Play with the sound of silence within you and outside of you
Try it
It’s a nice game
And treat it as a game, it’s fun
And that is what I wish for you, FUN

Have fun, enjoy

This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Souns of Silence - Mantra


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