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Inner Silence

Inner Silence

Inner silence is a quality that can be obtained
Not many of you
In the Western world
Or in the modern world
Have this quality
The quality of inner silence
Where you can listen
And where you can listen to your own needs
Where you can listen to the sound of nothing
It is just being in the now
Being still
And being content and happy with the moment

There is not many of you who can do this
Not even during meditation or yoga
It is an art form quality
That seems to be more and more lost in this world
Inner silence
And yet if you pursue it
And if you wish it to be present in your life
It can be obtained
What it needs from you is first of all
Acknowledge that for you it is more easy to speak
And to make noise
Than to listen
And to be quiet

Look at yourself
Observe yourself
And notice how this is true for many of you
You are very well able to make noise
Or to speak
And why do we say make noise
For some people talk so much
And talk so automatically
That if somebody would sit next to you
Who could not understand your language
And would tune in to you
And listen to you
They would observe that the only thing you do
Is fill the silence with sound
So in that respect you are making noise
You are filling the silence with sound
And many of you do that
Either you are filling the silence with sound
By talking yourself
Or by letting noise from the outside
Fill your ears
And fill your being
Headphones, radio
But also noise through your eyes
You constantly watching the screen
Of your iPhone, your computer, your iPad
Constantly filling yourself with your noise of information
Pictures, words, remarks
And all this is noise that is keeping you away
From your inner silence

And this is important to concentrate
Or to let in the concept of inner silence
Your inner silence
That is up to you
But we suggest you try it
Try to be quiet just by yourself in nature
Let’s say there is a beautiful lake
Or there is a beautiful…or
You are living close to the sea
Close to the water, it’s easy
So either a river or a lake or the sea

So if it’s not close to you
Try and go there
Try to visit
And then what you do is
You just sit by the water
So if it is a lake, sit on the shore of the lake
If it is the sea, sit on the shore
And if it is a river, sit on the river bank
And all you do is concentrate
On the movement of the water
On the sound of the water
And when I say concentrate
It is actually contradictory
For what I mean to say is
Go into the sound and the movement
But in an unfocused way
So you don’t stare at it
But you actually you unfocus your eyes
And you just let yourself be carried
On the rhythm of the waves of the water
And the sound of the water
It can be very soft
It can be very subtle if it’s a lake
If it’s a river it will be more alive
And if it’s the sea it will even be more alive
Because there is a constant coming and going of water
And just be with the water
Be with the sound and the movement of the water
For let’s say half an hour
In the beginning
If you are getting better at it
Do it for an hour

And what you will notice is that you will reach a state of inner silence
Where you become completely calm
And relaxed
And one with yourself
With nature
With the water even
And you become one with all
And this is the state where there is only now
There is no yesterday
There is no tomorrow
There is actually only now
Inner silence

And if water is not available
Then try fire
Make fire
And what helps is if you do this at night time
So at night time when it’s dark
Make a fire outside
Even in your garden
Find a way
Find a means to make a fire in your garden
Without burning your lawn
And sit next to the fire
Close enough to feel the warmth
Without burning yourself
Scorching yourself
And then just look into the dance of the flames
And just listen to the cracking of the wood
Listen to the sound of the fire
The sound of the wood being consumed by the fire
And sit away from the smoke
So make sure the wind is coming from behind you
If there is a slight breeze
Sit behind the breeze
So that the smoke is blown away from you
So that you can fully concentrate
And again concentrate is not the right word
Unfocus on the fire, on the flames
And again after doing this for half an hour, an hour
You will reach that immense inner state of silence

And another thing is
When it’s raining outside
Go and sit on your porch
Or go and sit in your garage and open the door
Even sit in your kitchen and open the kitchen door
And sit close to the entrance
So that you can actually see the rain fall
On the steps
On the grass
On the ground
And even if it’s a bit chilly
Put on a jacket
But un-focus on the rain
The sound of the rain
The movement of the drops
And again, notice how inner silence will come to you
How you will be immersed in the now
And this is very beneficial
And very healing

Do try this at home
We recommend this

This was my message
Thank you

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