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Extreme meditation

Extreme meditation

Today I would like to talk to you about connecting with the energy of a tree
For some of you this might be new
And I can tell you
It is very very very beneficial to many of you
Especially city dwellers who do not stay in nature often

This is about connecting with a tree
Not just any tree
But if you walk in the woods and you open your intuition
By saying, ‘I open myself to my intuition’
While you are feeling your feet
So you are walking
And you very consciously feel your feet
While you are walking in the woods
You then say to yourself
And you might say it out loud or within yourself
It doesn’t matter really
‘I open myself to my intuition’
And then you keep on walking
And you aim your intuition
Towards finding the right tree
And at some point
There is a tree that will be calling you, come

Now, what you do is
You go to that tree
And you lean against the tree
With your chest
With your belly
With your pelvis
With your face
Maybe your forehead or your cheek
Whatever feels best

So you stand on your feet, consciously on your feet
You feel your feet on the sand, on the earth, on the grass
And you lean forward against the tree
So you lean into the tree
And you do that for a while
And you close your eyes and you become quiet
And you might start to feel that you and the tree are connecting
And what you do is
You shift your weight
So that you stand more on your own feet
You do not lean into the tree anymore
But you still stand against the tree
But now you are on your own feet, leaning against the tree
But if the tree was not there you would not fall down
You would still stand erect
You have your eyes closed
And you breathe into the tree, normally
You breathe normally

And at some point
After five minutes
After ten minutes
After fifteen minutes
With you standing there
You will feel that your energy is shifting
You will feel that you connect in a way with that tree
That you feel really rooted yourself

So this is Extreme Grounding
This tree connecting is Extreme Grounding
And you will start to feel the same timelessness as the tree
For trees are much older than men
And this tree is most probably older than you
And also the tree is always standing in one place
So there is very little movement
Of course, the tree gets moved by the wind
Of course there is water going up and down the tree
To feed the tree, nourishment
So there is movement
But compared to the movement of you, a human
There is very little movement
And there is a lot of grounding
Because this tree is rooted in mother earth
Very deeply and very complex
It has lots of little roots and big roots

And you, by leaning against the tree
And becoming quiet and calm
You connect with the energy of the tree
And this is not an exercise you have to do from the mind
You can’t do it from the mind
You really have to do it by opening your chakras
And breathing into your belly
And become really quiet
Feel your feet on the ground
Connecting with mother earth
And, eventually, after a while
You connect with the tree
And it will bring you a stillness
And a quietness
And a connectedness with mother earth
That you have never ever experienced before

So this is a form of meditation
The ancient people knew about this
Nowadays this knowledge is lost
But you can do this, it is very ease
And once you have experienced this
You are then able to do it again
And again, and again, and again

And if you do this for a while
Preferably every day
Half an hour
One hour
Your life will change amazingly
Because you will become so quiet
And so relaxed
And so timeless

This is the ultimate medicine
Against stress
Against turmoil
Against mind fucks
It’s a very strong and powerful meditation technique
That very few people use
So master this technique and see what it brings you
It will bring you great great benefit
I recommend this method

This was my message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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