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Connect to Source Energy

Connect to Source Energy

Loss of purpose
It can come to you as uninspired-ness
Blocked energy

As an example
If you are a writer and you are writing a new book
And the energy does not flow
Your inspiration does not flow
You feel frustrated
You feel tired
You feel restless
You feel numb
These are all manifestations of being separated from source-energy

And now the word Source-Energy is also the solution to the problem
Whatever feeling there is
That is not connected to source-energy
Can only be transformed by connecting with source-energy

It’s a simple secret
And there is a few quick ways
Quick fixes if you wish
To connect with source-energy

One is to walk on the beach
On the edge where the water and the beach meet each other
Where the waves meet the sand
on that edge
Walk there
for half an hour
And let your thoughts run
Let your feelings run their natural course

And within this half an hour
You will be replenished
You will be refreshed
You will have energy again
Ideas again
Inspiration again
This is the nature of water and earth
The elements
So yes, this is one way

If there is no water or no beach available
Or you do not feel like walking along the beach for half an hour
You can do it at home

Sit quietly
And if you prefer, sit in lotus position
It’s not necessary but you can do so if you are used to doing yoga or mediation
Close your eyes
And simply start to chant
In a very low key
The lowest key you can reach with your voice

Start to sing
And so on for, let’s say, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes
And the vibration of the sound will bring you in contact with source-energy
With your essence
And your essence, of course, is source-energy
Because your essence and source-energy are one

Now, as you chant the Ommm sound
You will notice that it consists of two letters
The letter ‘O’ and the letter ‘M’
And both letters have a different vibration

The letter ‘M’ you sing with your mouth closed
And because of that it will vibrate in another part of your body

And so will the letter ‘O’ which is an open sound with an open mouth
It will work on another part of your body
And try to feel it
Try to feel on what layer
On what part of your body the ‘O’ works
And what part of your body
And on what layer the ‘M’ works

And play with it
Do it for a while
And you will notice that you will connect to source-energy
To your essence

Because while chanting
You will regulate your breath
You will start to ground yourself
So gravity will have more influence on you
Your consciousness of being under the influence of gravity
Will grow, will become bigger, if you wish
So you will pull yourself more into your body
The energy of ‘Ommm’ will ground you
Will regulate your breath
It will regulate your vibration
And it will connect you with source-energy

So this was an instruction really
An instructive whisper, if you wish
And of course there are many more forms and ways
To connect with source-energy

To do yoga
To do meditation
To dance wildly on beautiful music
Until you are wet and sweaty
These are all good ways to connect with source-energy

And as you notice
These are all physical or active doings from you
The ‘Ommm’ chanting is an activity
The dancing to the music is an activity
The walking along the beach is an activity
Doing yoga is an activity
And the meditation, to meditate is active

Even though you become quiet and still
And you just sit there and you connect with source-energy
You actively connecting with source-energy
It’s a doing, of course, this is a bit of a paradox
Meditating means, not doing
And yet you are actively connecting with source-energy
But don’t let your mind interfere too much with this equation
Just connect with source-energy, this is enough
And this is what you need if your are disconnected

Enjoy, play

This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

source energy-mantra


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