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Wisdom is an energy

Wisdom is an energy

I will today convey a new whisper to you
I whisper about wisdom

What is wisdom, truly
Being of old age does not necessarily mean and guarantee that you are wise
That you have gained or attained wisdom

It is first of all a capacity
A capacity to hold wisdom
To dance with wisdom
To recognize wisdom
And to welcome wisdom
This is a capacity

And then those who have this capacity
Can then work on attaining wisdom
Gaining wisdom
And how is this done?

First secret is:
‘You always have to get up one more time
One more time than life knocks you down’
Because from your failure
From your defeat
From your pain
From your disappointments
You learn
You learn to overcome them
You learn to transcend them
You learn to transform them

And the secret of wisdom is to keep your heart and your mind open
Open for knowledge
Open for love
Because a bitter heart and a bitter mind
Can never obtain true wisdom
Of course they will obtain knowledge and experience
But this is not necessarily wisdom
Wisdom has a golden lining to it

Because in wisdom there is also love
Wisdom and love are connected
Wisdom and empathy are connected
Wisdom and humanity, being humane, are connected
Intertwined even

So through the lessons you learned from life
Through hardship and just living your life
You do not automatically gain wisdom

Wisdom flows through those who transcend their disappointments
Into Insight
And strength, of course
And still maintain their love and their trust
For life
For humanity
For humankind
Those are the true wise people

And those who admit their failures
Admit their wrong doings
Admit their being wrong
And those who can say
I am sorry
I am sorry I did that but I have learnt
I will not do it again
Those who can say sorry
Have more chance gaining wisdom

And wisdom also comes to those who go into themselves
Who dare to look at their feelings
Who dare to look at their emotions
Who dare to reflect upon their own feelings and emotions

Wisdom also comes to those who heal themselves
Wisdom is an energy
An energy flowing through you gently
Like the blood flowing through your veins
Like the oxygen flowing through your cells
Wisdom is an energy flowing through you

You were born with your own wisdom
Your truth
Your knowledge
Your way of seeing things
Your way of saying things
Your way of knowing things
This is also wisdom
Your wisdom
And those who are true to their truth and their wisdom
Their Inner wisdom
They also will gain and attain wisdom, the bigger wisdom
The level of understanding you humans call wisdom

Wisdom is a beautiful energy
It is loving, compassionate
It has humor
It has great knowledge of suffering
And also great knowledge of love

Wisdom, my friends, is truly a treasure to be pursued
For it will give you life
It will give you knowledge of the fullness of life
The richness of life
And it will connect you with the richness and the fullness of you and your soul

May wisdom meet you and greet you today
May wisdom come into your life and into your being

This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:



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