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The secret behind every good relationship

The secret behind every good relationship

Today I would like to convey a secret
It is the secret behind every good relationship
A love relationship
A work relationship
Any relationship

And the secret is common ground
But more so a common goal
A common effort
A common dream
A common wish
A common commitment
If that is not there the relationship will not succeed

And this is what you see in society
A modern society
At this moment
Many many people get together
They fall in love
They get together
They start to build families
But then it all falls apart and crumbles

And even the relationship that do not start families
That never reach that point
Or working relationship where it’s not about the family
But it is about a common goal
It is always about common ground
And a common goal
And a projected outcome
You may call it a dream
You may call it a goal
You may call it a point on the horizon

And usually it is bigger than you
It works best if the goal or the dream is bigger than you
Bigger than the two of you
Bigger than the two of you together
It can be an economic goal
It can be an idealistic goal
It can be a practical goal or a practical dream
It doesn’t really matter
As long as it is bigger than you
And as long as there is commitment from both of you
To do everything that is in your power
To reach that point on the horizon

But of course you can also dedicate your relationship to a cause
For instance, saving the world
Or cleaning the oceans
Or stop child labor
Or stop child abuse
Or provide clean drinking water on the whole planet
These are big big big causes
Far bigger than you yourself and you together
But this common goal, this common ground
Will give you a basis to work from
If that is not there, there is no relationship

And I just named a few very big and very large causes
And they do not necessarily have to be that big
They can be smaller
They can be closer to your home
Closer to your heart
Closer to your reality
But if they are not big enough and you reach them
You will have to find something new
Because truly, a common cause binds
And as the saying goes
Those who pray together
Stay together

And what does this mean
Those who commit to a common ground together
To a common goal
To a common cause together
Those stay together
You can adept the saying
Change the saying

So each and every relationship that
Does not have this common goal
This common ground
Will not survive

Of course, many of you will says
Yes, but we are in love
We love each other
So the common ground is the love for each other
Yes, in the beginning of your relationship
This will work
You will get away with this
But after a while
The novelty of the love will become normal
So the common ground in loving each other
Will lose its magnetism
Will lose its vibration
And if there is nothing other than love there
It is not enough

Of course you can love each other
From here to the moon and back
You can be madly in love
But after four, five, six, seven years
The love changes into affection
It changes into many deep things
But it is not enough if there is not a common ground
A common cause

And you might not agree with me
But truly, we can see this all over the world
Have a close look at relationships
And you will find that this is true
Ask every relationship that broke up
Ask the two people involved, what was missing
And they will all say
I lost the other one somewhere along the line
I lost my love for the other one
I lost my lust for the other one
I lost my respect for the other one
I lost connection with the other one

And this is only so because there was not a common goal
A common aim, if you wish

So today I would like to invite you to do a little evaluation
Are you currently in a love relationship?
Even the relationship with your children
With your mother
With your sister
With your work
What is the common ground
The common goal
The common aim
The common cause
What is it
Look at it closely
And if it’s not there
Talk to the other one
And find out if you can establish
Or re-establish it

And once you have established it
And found it
Commit to it
But you both have to commit to it
And from there build on it
Build on the relationship

And it needs honesty
It needs work
It needs energy
And it needs commitment
You need to do this
You need to do the work

If you don’t do the work
The relationship will not succeed
And we wish for you to have happy relationships
Fulfilling relationships

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

The secret behind every good relationship

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