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The poorness of not being able to love

The poorness of not being able to love

Today I want to talk to you about poverty
Poverty and poorness
And in particular about the poorness of feeling
The poorness of thought
The poorness of imagination
The poorness of compassion
The poorness of loving
Not being able to love
Not being able to love the other one
And not being able to receive the love from the other one

For this truly is a poorness
It is a non-developed emotion
It is non-developed compassion
It is non-developed imagination
It is non-developed spirituality
It is as if the person lives in the dark ages of your planet
As if the person lives in the dark ages of time and space
As if there has been no development whatsoever
Within the soul of this person

Do such people exist
Yes, unfortunately there are many like that on earth
People who are living in the dark ages
Their soul is reincarnated
But their soul has been fragmented so heavily
That there is hardly any energy
Any power
Any light left
In some of you
Not even a spark
And in their soul everything is dark and gloomy, and even evil

And these forces exist on earth
And what these forces need is a counter-balance
For these forces are very strong on this earth in this time
This is why so many of you receive light
Receive energy directly from us
From the realm of the spirits
And the realm of the Angels
And the realm of love and light

For if we would not interfere
And if we would not come and interact with you
Truly, life as you know it would stop to exist
There is so much confusion
So much darkness
So much lack of love
Lack of light
Lack of understanding
Lack of connection in this world
Over-ruled by greed
Ruthless greed
So this earth truly needs a counter-balance
And we bring you this counter-balance
Through love and light
Through understanding

So these Whispers are very important for mankind at this moment
And it is one of the many many many many ways in which we connect with you
And bring you love and light
Bring you knowledge
Bring you wisdom
Bring you healing
Bring you growth

This is what these Whispers are for
To counter-balance the dark forces here on earth
All this may sound a little bit apocalyptic
In a way, it is
This whole apocalyptic fantasy which can be found in your holy books
It is not only a fantasy
Part of it is true
It is true in reality

But have no fear
It will not come to pass
The dark forces will not win
And yet they become stronger and stronger
But so is love and light
And in the end
Love and light will always win
This is a law

But if you say it has an apocalyptic character
We can understand this
And the height of this epidemic apocalyptic reality has not yet come to pass
It will become harder and more difficult for a while here on earth
We are sorry to say this to you
We are sorry to convey this to you
There will be great social upheaval
Upheaval between fellowman
Between countries
Between people within countries, civil wars

In the next, in your time, 10, 20 years
We will see much upheaval
For these dark forces will try to over-rule love and light
Will try to over-rule mankind
And dominate mankind
But they will not succeed
So do not fear

And yet at times it might look fearful
It might be fearful
It might be frightening
And yet if you connect willingly
If you connect with love and light on a daily basis
You do your mediations
You do your breath work
You will find that you are protected
For that is what we do

Through sending you love and light we do protect you
And even if you might leave this earth
It doesn’t matter, for your soul lives on anyway
And we will take care of your soul
So your soul will always return to the realm of love and light
So have no fear
Have no fear for atomic energy
This is one of your famous songs
And it is true
Have no fear
For love and light and truth will always, always, survive
No matter what

I am aware that this was not a happy Whisper
But it needed to be Whispered
It needed to be said
It needed to be heard
For this is the reality of the state your world is in

We wish you much love and light
During every day and every minute of your life
We love you

This was our message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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