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About Goodness

About Goodness

Today I want to talk to you about Goodness
The goodness of your heart
The joy of your heart
Out of the Goodness of your heart
Given something to somebody
Or done something for somebody
Out of the Goodness of your heart

Why? Because you just did
Because it brought you joy to do it for that person
It brought you joy to give that to the person
A smile, a word, advice, a gift, money
Or you help them move house
Or you help them to paint their new room
Or you help them to mow their lawn

Have you ever done this
And how did it feel
Just to do something for somebody
Not in order to get something
In order to get money
Or in order to get recognition
Or in order to get praise or thanks
No, totally free, unattached in the moment, now
Just out of the Goodness of your heart

Have you ever done it?
And if you have, did you like it?
And if you haven’t, are you willing to give it a try?

Try it today
Walk in a crowd
Walk on the street
And smile at somebody, not a fake smile
Not a smile in order to, no

Stay with your feeling
Stay with your heart
Open your heart
Have a happy heart, a light heart
And just look in the streets and you will always meet somebody
Or find somebody that your heart likes
And I don’t mean to fall in love, no
Just somebody, that looks beautiful or that has a nice dress
Or there is something sympathetic about them
Or something sweet or nice about them
And instead of ignoring them, smile at them
Smile at them and give them a big smile
Out of the Goodness of your heart
Out of the Freedom of your heart

And do not think, oh, what will they think
I know they think I want them
I know they think I am in love with them
Or they think I am strange or…
Forget your mind
Forget all the chatter in your mind
Stay with your heart
And give out of the Goodness of your heart
From the Goodness of your heart

And then walk on
Don’t get attached
Do not get attached on being a good person
Or a beautiful person
Or a saint
You are not, you are just human
But you can practice to open your heart
And give out of the fullness, the richness of your heart

And the beauty is, the more you live like this
And the more you act from the goodness
And the richness of your heart
The more love will come into your life

People will like you
Why, because you are a nice person
You are great to hang with
You give joy
You radiate joy
You radiate love
So people love you
So that’s good, that’s good

The reward for you will be love
You will love more and you will be loved more in return
But if you start to give in order to receive all this love
It won’t work like that
You truly have to be faithful
And you truly have to be one hundred percent real
There is no fake here
There is no room for fakeness here
If you give ‘in order to’
It won’t work
Give out of the Richness and give out of the Fullness of your heart

Open your heart and let love give that smile
Let love give that gift
Let love give that attention
Let love give that action
You helping to paint a house
You doing a chore for somebody
For instance, your neighbor is old and sick
And you go to the market and buy some vegetables
Why? Out of the goodness of your heart
Because this neighbor, this old neighbor, needs you at that moment
And you don’t want money in return
And of course the person is happy
But what you do is you do it out of the Goodness of your heart

And in that way you spread love and you multiply love
And love will be in your life more and more and more and more
And on the way you give love to others
Well, it’s not a bad thing
Love is cool


This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

The goodness of your heart


Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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