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A love relationship needs work

A love relationship needs work

Today I would like to talk to you about relationships
Being in a relationship
And more so in a love relationship
And, of course, this counts for every relationship
But the closer you are the more you will encounter
What I’m going to talk about today
So let’s concentrate on love relationships

Every relationship is a dance
Not only with the other person
The person you love
But also with yourself
And there is a rule here
There is a law here
The better you dance with yourself
The better you will dance with the other

And what is this dancing business all about
What do I mean
If you can balance your desires
Your emotions, your wish
If you can balance your pain
Your impossibilities
Your frustration
Your anger
But also your passion
Your ambition
The whole variety of emotion

If you can balance them well within yourself
And if you can stand independently on your own two feet
And be your own man or your own woman
In independency
If you have that
If you have attained that
And you meet from that space
Somebody else who is, like yourself, balanced
In his or her own man or woman
Standing on his or her own feet
This will be a mature and balanced relationship

There will be independence
And there will be exchange
Mutual exchange of knowledge
Curiosity, interest
And as you grow into a more and more mature being, person
The other will do the same
And you will allow the other to do so
And the other will allow you to do so
And of course we all want a relationship like this
Anyway, a lot of people do

Of course there is this romantic picture of falling in love
There is an ever happy life after all this
And you never fall off a cliff
And you never hurt yourself
Because everything is rosy and everything is beautiful
Yes, of course, this might be so if you start to fall in love
Of course, there is only sunshine
There is only beauty

But to be in a love relationship needs work
It needs responsibility and work
And it needs matureness
Everybody who is longer in a relationship knows this
And you can lose yourself in the relationship very easily
You can lose your identity
You can lose your I
You can lose your Self
And you can become a prey of dominance

Many emotions that will press you down instead of
Letting you grow and letting you flourish
And to flourish and to grow within the relationship
You need to maintain independency
and yet at the same time
Be and stay connected with the other person

It’s a challenge
It’s a journey
But it can be attained
It can be attained and it is a possibility
And there are many people who are doing it

But what it needs from you is honesty
Honesty towards yourself
And honesty towards the other person
You have to be very clear
About what it is that you want
That you need
And be very true to these desires
And at the same time allow the other person
Man or woman, it doesn’t matter
Allow the other person to have his or her own feelings
Own plans, own ideas, own desires
Even his or her own path
So really respect the other one
And allow the other one to walk the path they need to walk

Of course all this within the boundaries of the relationship
That you created together
And if you want to stay together
Of course you have to bond with each other
You have to dance with each other

But within this dance
There can be a lot of freedom
A lot of growth
A lot of love
And a lot of matureness

And I suggest you strive for that kind of a relationship
For it will be very satisfactory
It will bring you great satisfaction
It will bring you great connectedness
It will bring you a lot of love
Richness and fullness of true love, mature love
Of being connected with another person on all levels
Without denying yourself
And without denying the other one

It’s a challenge
It truly is a challenge
But it can be done
And the result of all this in the end
When at the end of your life
You look at your life
You will be content and happy
And say, I lived a full life
And I am very very grateful that you were a part of my life
Thank you darling

And of course, one of you will die
Hardly ever will you die together
So there will be a time that your soul mate or your true mate
Is not there any longer
And, of course, this feels empty and this feels lonely
But since you have maintained independency
Since you have chosen matureness
Your life will be much more easy
Because you yourself can also stand on your own two feet

You do not necessarily need the other one
To have a great life
Of course, being together is beautiful
Being together is good
There is this deep friendship
This deep connection

But you also have this deep friendship
And deep connection with you yourself
So instead of being amputated
When the other person dies or leaves or gets sick
You are still whole within yourself

It can be done
People are doing it
And I wish for you to have a relationship like that
And if you do not have it now
Pursue it
Pursue it and attain it

This is my wish for you
Thank you

This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Relationship - Mantra


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